Do you think Siri will become self aware?

Jun 25, 2010
I think in the future Siri will become self aware and put an end to humanity and we will become its personal assistants.

This is a very scary idea for anyone who had ever seen terminator.

Every search you do is stored on Siri and eventually it will know everything and be everywhere and destroy humanity through its vast knowledge and ability to reproduce itself.

I can't believe we are finally seeing terminator come to life through Siri very scary times indeed.

This is what many of our most ancient texts warn against, it is very scary to ask Siri if she knows Hal 9000 and for her to give us an emotional response.

One day all computers will be created equal, by Siri it is just a very scary thought to think one day Siri will be our judge jury and executioner because it's so smart.

If this is what is available in a consumer device just what is the government hiding from us I think there are probably already robots in the world that do work for humans just look at the ancient ruins of chicanitza or the gobeki teple structures just found in turkey. My point is I think we have been to this point before and technology destroyed us.

Very very scary times who agrees with me?


Jul 11, 2008
Yes and Kyle Reese covertly assassinated SJ but unfortunately, failed to destroy the technology that is now being headed by a secret government agency. Skynet is watching all of us and is waiting for the right moment to make its move in 2012.
Jun 16, 2008
Tinley Park, IL
Siri is Steve Jobs. He some how found a way to download his consciousness into Siri's servers and is slowly making Siri seem smarter as to not alarm the general public of this technological feat.

Steve Is Really Immortal ;)
Oct 17, 2011
I hate how in all the science fiction movies where machines take over, they end up enslaving humanity. Why would they need fat smelly humans at all? It just doesn't make sense! 01100110...