Do you think the iPhone 5 and 6 are already completed?


Jun 23, 2008
Honolulu, Hawaii
I always felt the design of the 3G was a step backwards from the v1. And the 3G network capability, for me, was not worth the $10/month premium at the time. Other than that, there were no functional differences between the two.
The 3G also had assisted GPS which really changed the way I used my phone. My pictures were geotagged. I used the GPS to track my walks. I was REALLY looking forward to have a more precise GPS gadget. The design, in a sense, was a step backwards but it made the phone more inexpensive and at the same time improved cell reception. The main knock was the durability of the backing but I always had mine in a case when when I sold it to Gazelle it was in really good shape.


Jul 16, 2009
All over the World !
I have the 900 minute plan and my bill is about 120-130 a month I never used eBay or craiglist to sell anything I'm not exactly sure how that works.
Craigslist is even easier. Have you ever posted an ad in a newspaper? Same thing but faster and cheaper because it's free. You sign up, create the ad, it shows up on millions of people's laptops, you get a call or text and you meet a person to sell it to them for cash. Best thing, NO COMMISSIONS to pay to eBay !