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May 4, 2007
Imagine pairing a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and connecting to a larger display.
So you have a full-size bluetooth keyboard for the iPhone... and even if you could drive video, it's going to be very low resolution. It kinda defeats the whole purpose of a portable device to begin with, doesn't it? You're better off spending money on a Mac Mini for the price.

Consider the guys putting Linux on their iPods
... which historically has been extremely experimental at best. The latest I've seen is hackers have just got the 5.5G iPods "working" but you're lucky if you even get it to boot. This is more of an exercise in geekiness than getting any practical benefit from it (unless you want to listen to songs via terminal).

The iPhone, like the iPods, are not computers. They use very little memory, the code is highly optimized, and there's very little room for programmar error.

Don't get me wrong... the iPhone is a great step forward for checking mail and browsing the Internet but I think everyone who thinks this device is going to "replace" their laptop is in very a serious reality check.


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Jul 25, 2008
Product to Come

I can't completely say outright but my sources say that there is a great document viewer coming from MS Technology ( for the iPhone. their sales rep told me they'll notify me when their iPhone product is released. keep your eyes on it.