Does 3GS GPS chip turn off when WiFi is switched off?

Discussion in 'iPhone 3GS' started by Little-Acorn, Mar 2, 2012.

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    I can't figure out why my 32GB 3GS is behaving this way.

    I use the "Maps" app that came with it, and it seems to work pretty well when Ihave both WiFi and Cellular Network Data turned on. I also use Trimble Outdoors Navigation, it also seems to work fiarly well. At least it can find where I am, within a few hundred yards. Not the accuracy I usually get with my old Garmin Emap, but at least it's something.

    But when I turn off WiFi (using "Settings/General"), suddenly the 3GS hasn't a clue where it is, whether you're running the "Maps" app or the Trimble app. With WiFi on, it usually takes a few minutes to figure out where it is, but then it comes through fine. Not so when WiFi is off - I can stand in one spot for 10 minutes or more in a clear outdoor area, with either app, and it keeps showing where I was early in the morning, 12 miles away. Obviously it isn't getting a GPS fix.

    Anybody know why it seems to lose its way when ***WiFi*** is turned off? I would have thought the GPS chip doesn't need WiFi's help.

    A 3GS *does* have a GPS chip, doesn't it?
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    How's your 3G signal? GPS will continue to work if you have no cellular or WiFi signal, but it will just be a blue dot on a blank map in the Maps app since the app requires internet for maps. Navigon and TomTom will continue to work without a signal since they have preloaded maps and don't rely on Internet. Turning WiFi off shouldn't affect it if you have a good cellular signal. Turning airplane mode on kills all radios (WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular and GPS), but you can toggle WiFi back on after going into airplane mode.

    Yes, the 3GS has GPS. Try resetting your network settings.
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    Also wifi triangulation plays a significant role especially indoors where you've got interference to satellites overhead.

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