Does iPhone have better connectivity than Samsung Galaxy SII Epic 4G Touch?

Apr 13, 2012
I'm new to smartphones and sparing what time I can to climb the steep learning curve. Any helpful info about the problem I'm experiencing will be appreciated!
  • I'm running an app to process credit card charges. The location I run charges from has not changed.
  • My carrier is Sprint. The data plan has not changed.
When I had an iPhone, the app worked speedily with never a failed transaction. But unfortunately, I didn't care for other aspects of that phone, so I switched to the Samsung.

Now, the app is slow: I often have to sign in twice because the first one doesn't go through, and processing is noticeably slower and even times out about 30% of the time.

Since everything else is the same, I'm thinking it's the hardware, and I'll need to go back to the iPhone for trouble-free running of this app.

Please share your experience/knowledge--TIA!
Feb 3, 2011
Well I have had a Samsung galaxy nexus on verizon and I wouldn't pick up signal very good either, irregardless of being 3G or LTE. It also would drop out of wifi on both the 2.5ghz and 5ghz bands. Although the leaked 4.0.4 radios did help some it still was a bit flaky. I can tell I that 25% of your problem my be Android. I have to say that with as much power that phone ha it should be blazing fast but the only the fast in that thing was data when it worked. I have heard other say that Samsung radios are crap too, but I'm
Sure they don't use "Samsung" radios. I've had my iPhone 2 weeks and it blows away everything I have ever used, even the iPhone 4 I had for a short time. What did u not like about iPhone and which Samsung u have GS2?


Mar 29, 2009
Phoenix, AZ
Try turning off 4G, and if you've already done that with no change in your experience, try turning off 3G. The reason I say that is because sometimes certain phones have a problem switching between different radios and this may alleviate the problem.
Apr 13, 2012
tekjunkie28, phone model as per title.

iPhone + for me: smooth operation, "pretty", reliable operation
iPhone - for me: heavy, small screen, interface/interaction with apps too highly controlled and in a manner that doesn't mesh well with my preferences

Watcher, so I can adjust the settings to use just 3G, or just 4G, or both? I didn't think one could turn of 3G, but I don't really get the whole #G thing...