Does main account holder have to be present when purchasing 3G?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by dawgfan1, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. dawgfan1

    dawgfan1 New Member

    I'm on a family plan and on a secondary line. Does the main account holder (my mom) have to be present when I upgrade from my old iPhone to 3G? The Apple store is 1 hour away and I just held for over and hour, so maybe someone here can give me some help. Thanks
  2. jptolife

    jptolife Member

    The main account holder was not present when I got my 3G. You have to make sure you have the info (Phone number and social security number) that's all they asked me for.
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  4. mhochman

    mhochman New Member

    a friend of mine went up to get his, and was unable to order it because the account holder was not there.
  5. itsnowornever

    itsnowornever Member

    My husband is the account holder but I was able to do it---could be that I am his wife which is why I was allowed to do it.

    If it's your mom and you are a minor (yes that thing again) then I could understand them wanting her to be will afterall be causing her to spend more money a month.

    If she is ok with it, have her call ATT customer service and add you on the account as a "decision maker" (forget what its called) then there wont be a problem
  6. cliffeman

    cliffeman Zealot

    Authorized user it's called. :) As long as the account holder places you as an authorized user, then they do not need to be present. This can be done at an AT&T store, online under "My Profile" or calling customer service.
  7. TAEWING59

    TAEWING59 New Member

    my dad jut called my local AT&T store, and had them put a note on the account that im alowed too, add the iPhone line, add the iPhone data, and pick up my iPhone 3G. When i ordered it he hadnt called in yet, all they did then was ask for his number
  8. connie

    connie Zealot

    When I bough mine the whole time I was in line at the Apple store the employees outside with us kept walking up and down the line repeating the rules over and over to us. One of them was if you were not the main account holder you could not get an iPhone because you are not authorize to make changes on the phone plan without the account holder present. They said teens on family plan with their parents were trying to come in and buy iPhones but they were turned away and told to bring the main account holder back with them. You are changing your phone plan (upgrading data/3g) so they need authorization. This was at the Apple store in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.
  9. kazzaf

    kazzaf New Member

    Yeah, same thing at the Apple store I went to. Kept going down the line telling ppl that the main account holder had to be there. I pay the family plan bill but its under my mothers name. Even thou I wasn't the account holder I just went in like I was and gave them the info they wanted and bought it anyway. Worth a try for me since my mom would never be able to be at the Apple store since she sort of retired and staying in Hong Kong for a while.
  10. bloodbath18

    bloodbath18 New Member

    When I bought mine, they wouldn't sell me because the primary account holder which is my wife wasn't there. I even asked if I know all her info and I got a credit card with her photo in it, they still won't sell it to me. I can't get her to come over because she's at work so I called AT&T to get a transfer of service for $18. Then when it was my turn, all the lady asked me is the last 4 digits of the account holders SSN and my drivers license and I got it with no more questions asked. I was so pissed of that the manager of the store just gave me a $100 iTunes card and a griffin case.
  11. yuuphone

    yuuphone Member

    I am not the account holder for my AT&T account but I am added as an authorized user with the account so will the Apple store sell me an iPhone? I am not a minor and has all other information regarding the account otherwise. I'm tired of waiting for AT&T to receive shipment so I'm just going to try the Apple store since most are getting new shipments daily.
  12. stevetim

    stevetim New Member

    Yes. Just go online to the account management page and look for your profile. Then look for "Authorized user-retail". Then just add your name here and call ATT on the phone to make sure they notate that you have been added just to be sure the retail stores have no questions about it.

    Believe me, some stores take the new FCC regulation regarding cell phone accounts very literally. It took me 12 hours on launch day to finally get my phone because I of a different name on my ID than when I opened my account.

    Good luck.
  13. yuuphone

    yuuphone Member

    Actually, I have already added my name to the account in person when I visited the AT&T store a week ago. My main problem is will Apple Store still sell an iPhone to me even if he main account holder is not present? I have their SSN number and other info as well, I am also over 18 so I'm not a minor.
  14. stevetim

    stevetim New Member

    The answer should be yes. They should be doing everything the same as an ATT store would except business and corporate accounts.

    But, of course, call them? That would seem to be the surefire way to make certain.
  15. MileHighRob

    MileHighRob Zealot

    I think the rules are the same whether you go to AT&T or Apple store. The employee that serves you will chose to abide by the rules or ignore them. While I was in line on the first day the Apple employees did walk the line and made sure everyone was clear about the rules. However, when I finally got inside they didn't even ask for most of the information they requested. The employee actually took my ID and didn't even glance at it to verify my name. Perhaps it was because I had a first gen iPhone in good standing and it was already after the mall closed when I finally made it into the store. But I'm sure they make certain you know the rules and if the employee thinks you fit the profile of someone trying to scam either them or the real account holder, then the rules come into play.

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