Does restoring iPhone remove contacts?


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Nov 11, 2007
quick question about it. when and if i restore my iPhone, i know it erases my music and media. does it also remove contacts. i was syncing it at one point and i noticed it said 'backing up contacts or something' is there a way to fin my contacts or anything like that? i just don't want to re-write everyone back in there. thanks.
Nov 24, 2007
what does Restore iPhone do? does it update your firmware ? will restore re-lock my iPhone ? whats it do? i'm having a little problem maybe this might help me, heres my post.

I have a 8gig 1.0.2 unlocked & i'd like to keep it like that, i don't care about losing anything i just got it, i have no numbers, music, or movies.. just apps
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