Does your iPhone get hot or warm?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sickmunkeyz, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. sickmunkeyz

    sickmunkeyz New Member

    My iPhone gets a little warm near the ear piece and same spot on something wrong with it? maybe a little too warm.
  2. ColsTiger

    ColsTiger Zealot

    I don't think so. Every phone I've ever owned got warm when it was in use.
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  4. DRabbit

    DRabbit New Member

    If it's on the charger or if you're using WiFi it can get warm.
  5. sickmunkeyz

    sickmunkeyz New Member

    makes my ear hot...maybe its too hot?
  6. sickmunkeyz

    sickmunkeyz New Member

    ok i think its the wifi then.
  7. xoulo

    xoulo New Member

    its normal for every cellphone to get hot when in use, but with the iPhone, its hot metal or whatever it is
  8. nonu54

    nonu54 New Member

    mine never got hot!
  9. DeadSpider

    DeadSpider New Member

    So far my phone [iPhone] has never got hot or even warm during
    extended use. Not saying it never will, but thus far it has not.
  10. xoulo

    xoulo New Member

    i dunno. not hot but maybe warm am i right?
    mine gets warm after a while of browsing web and listeniing to music
  11. Hecubus

    Hecubus New Member

    My iPhone gets warm whenever I use Edge or wifi. It doesn't get hot, but it does get warm.
  12. aikopua3

    aikopua3 New Member

    mine gets warm when i am watching videos for a long time
  13. sickmunkeyz

    sickmunkeyz New Member

    called the apple store for tech support. said your phone is not suppose to get hot at all. maybe warm with wifi, but mine gets hot while on calls...very uncomfortable. on the phone waiting for tech support as i type this. its getting too hot.
  14. xoulo

    xoulo New Member

    then use the headset they gave you
    that thing is the killer, i love it
  15. sickmunkeyz

    sickmunkeyz New Member

    i rather have my phone working perfect, then use the headset. just bought it like 4 hours ago.
  16. aubrgene

    aubrgene New Member

    I have not had that experience with my iPhone.
  17. xoulo

    xoulo New Member

    since you just bought it, you might wanna think about going back to the store where you bought that and exchange it, it is not safe to have the phone that hot when your talking to someone.
    just exchange it and get a new one
  18. captain4004

    captain4004 New Member

    yeah mines gets hot too............oh wait a minute oops I was laying on it.
  19. fitz62

    fitz62 New Member

    yeah it gets unusually hot esp if you on the net for an extended period of time or u watchin a video.
  20. sickmunkeyz

    sickmunkeyz New Member

    mine does it while i am talking, only been on phone with tech support for 35 minutes and it already has half a battery..crap.
  21. xoulo

    xoulo New Member

    return it while you can

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