Doing a trade


Sep 13, 2011
I am unfamiliar but I was browsing and someone wants a six and trade the plus I responded saying I'm interested.
I'm aware I have to back up delete im backing up to iCloud no worries and Google no problems there.
Now when I get the plus it will need to be activated by att so isn't it best that we meet at an ATT or Apple Store?
Just a question I never ever did this before!
I DO love my six and I hope I'm making a good choice w the plus I am thinking I will be okay with it.
I have a purse and I had a galaxy note but there's a convenience w the 4.7 inches and there's many exciting things w the 5.5 inches.
I am also noticing on Craigslist so so many people want to trade to either or lol
Now I have a LOT of cases for the six... What does a girl do lmao

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Dec 15, 2008
Pensacola, FL
For safety reasons, I would meet in public, and as you said you'll need to activate or at least make sure everything is alright with using your current sim card. You should be able to just use your iPhone 6 sim card for the 6+.


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Dec 12, 2008
Make sure the phone you buy is already activated. This is because It is extraordinarily important that you check to make sure the previous owner logged out of iCloud. If they did not restore and activate and are still logged into iCloud, the phone will soon become worthless except for parts. This happens when people try to sell stolen iPhones. You don't need to meet at AT&T. Do not accept the phone if it is not restored to factory settings with empty lines on the iCloud login in Settings.


Sep 13, 2011
Thank YOU so much BOTH of u.
I live in NJ & there's so many att stores I don't see why we cannot meet someplace. I know what to look for, I asked for a box too lol but he seems okay I'll update... If it goes through.
I feel better doing this tomorrow morning at an ATT storez

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Jan 30, 2011
So. California
Congrats OP.. Nice trade!

A few pointers for anyone who stumbles into this thread wanting to do the same.

Craigslist is full of scams, knockoff / fake products and can be a dangerous place to buy or sell.
  1. Always meet in a public place. If dealing with a phone, always meet at the carrier / Apple store.
  2. If you can, have another person go with you.
  3. If you are bringing a lot of cash to buy an item then # 1 and # 2 are much more important.
  4. If you are selling an item and will be receiving a lot of cash then again # 1 and # 2 are much more important.
  5. Check the cash for signs of counterfeiting,
  6. If someone is not willing to meet at a carrier or Apple store then something is fishy = Move on!
  7. Don't have someone come to your home. Could be a future burglary waiting to happen.
  8. Don't meet at night.
  9. If buying something like a Macbook Pro (or high dollar item) why not meet at your bank? Most have a lobby area where you can check the item out. They have security cameras everywhere and you don't need to carry all that cash. Once the deal is struck, walk up to the teller and remove the $$$ needed to buy the item.
  10. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. If someone does not want to meet in public then something is not right.
There are more but basic common sense will go along way. I buy and sell stuff on Craigslist all the time and I'm retired Law Enforcement. There are many scams waiting to happen on Craigslist and many crimes happen because of Craigslist.

A common occurrence with cell phones is dude show up to buy or trade for your phone. You hand it to him to check out and off he goes running away faster than Usain Bolt.


Jun 16, 2008
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View attachment 39659 heres me w my new phone lol
We traded and a 50$ it was worth it I love love this!!

AWW U look so happy! CONGRATS!!

You were up at 4:18am posting this pic! I know the 6+ is so much fun the hours just fly by. You're case is cute too.
I'm so happy this went well for you and you are thrilled with your new iPhone 6+!!