Don't buy your iPad at Walmart

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Rafagon, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Rafagon

    Rafagon Genius

    [Explicit Language]

    Better yet, don't buy any electronics from Walmart.

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  2. digitalcuriosity

    digitalcuriosity New Member

    Care to expand on why you feel this way. Myself I feel the Apple store is the best place to buy any iPad.
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  4. Rafagon

    Rafagon Genius

    Did you watch the video? That's why. :) I was exaggerating, but not by much...

    I agree about the Apple store--either brick-and-mortar or web.

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  5. Tattooed Alex

    Tattooed Alex Genius

    I love the stupidity of people that feel the need to tape themselves doing stupid things and then posting it online.
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  6. digitalcuriosity

    digitalcuriosity New Member

    I sent the URL of the video to Walmart, as to give them a chance to look into this matter and be sure it's a real Walmart and real Walmart employees.
  7. RoofMonkey

    RoofMonkey Genius

    Did you notice the story that goes along with the video???
    "Four Walmart employees in Pikeville, Ky. recorded themselves purposefully throwing and damaging new iPads (or the iPad3) while in what appears to be the stockroom."
  8. According to reddit, the perps were fired and prosecuted.
  9. Rafagon

    Rafagon Genius

    That was a very messy stockroom. Not surprising considering it's a Walmart.

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  10. Hayesimus

    Hayesimus Contributor

    So because those idiots are deliberately destructive you shouldn't shop at any Walmart? Walmart wasn't to blame for their illegal activity. I have worked at 2 Walmart stores and for the most part they are a hard working group of people. Granted I'm sure some stores are better than others depending on how many people they get to pick from.
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  11. Rafagon

    Rafagon Genius

    I just recommend not buying electronics from them, unless it's something that's so utterly cheap that you won't care if you get a lemon. Since this video is probably making the rounds on the Internets, considering that they chose to destroy a very high-profile item, there may be copycat incidents from similar idiots.

    I certainly don't doubt that you yourself are a good employee and I can assume you'd never associate with the likes of the Einsteins in that story.
  12. Iloveiphones

    Iloveiphones Genius

    I buy almost all of my stuff from Walmart...bought my iPad, iPhones, all of our computers, including my grandmas new windows 8 computer we bought last week.
  13. Hayesimus

    Hayesimus Contributor

    I just don't see any reason not to buy from any retailer that has a return policy. It's not like they can't get their money back.
  14. digitalcuriosity

    digitalcuriosity New Member

    I agree my local WalMart has many people I have met and trust, hard working people and not people I feel would do the same things these fools did.
    But again the iPad is a pretty tough tablet, and I feel it caused no harm being tossed and dropped in it's box and the outer shipping box.
    These babies have come a long way from the factory in China. And I bet they have been through a lot of mishandling along the way to the WalMart Store or any other Store selling them.
  15. Hayesimus

    Hayesimus Contributor

    Yeah actually, I will say I trust the people in the stockroom more than I do the people that deliver them. Lol in sure there are just as many good postal and FedEx employees but sometimes they are put under a lot of pressure to hurry and make mistakes.
  16. You bought all that stuff yourself? Can I have your allowance? :D
  17. jmp316

    jmp316 Evangelist

    If you open it and its broke, you can return it. I've bought electronics from Walmart before and I haven't had any problems. You shouldn't let two boneheads in a video change your whole view of an entire company...
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  18. nikkisixx102

    nikkisixx102 Android Killer

    That's what happens when these things happen, however.

    How much more would it take for you to not buy from a company? Slave labor lol. Just saying.

    Walmart has to love these guys. OR MAYBE, this is a new form of guerrilla marketing!
  19. raqball

    raqball Zealot

    This sort of thing happens everywhere and not just at Walmart.. Look for videos with UPS and FedEx drivers flat out throwing boxes over fences, flinging boxes like a newspaper delivery boy at front doors ect..

    Walmart just had the misfortune of these idiots videotaping their stupidity.

    I don't usually buy electronics from Walmart and buy instead from Sams Club.. Walmart return is 15-days and Sams Club is 90-days.

    The only issue I could see with this would be if the screen was cracked or damaged. I could actually see any retailer refusing the return and claiming the damaged was caused after it was purchased.

    I have never had this happen so I am not sure how a retailer would deal with this..
  20. Hayesimus

    Hayesimus Contributor

    At Walmart as long as you have a receipt the take everything back. Except of course opened DVDs and such. They just exchange those for the same title.
  21. Rafagon

    Rafagon Genius

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