Don't Know About AT&T- Input Please?

Dec 12, 2007

Well I was a Verizon customer... loved their service.. always had at least three bars on my phone anywhere I went.... I could always had a clear phone call with it and it did not drop calls....

Well I paid my way out of the Verizon XV6700 model to go with the iPhone.... was told I could get the Go Phone package.. but they don't know what the heck they are doing.... so I ended up signing up for the two year contract with ATT

With Verizon... I was getting 450 minutes, unlimited data and 200 messages for around $101.00 a month..... didn't care for the amount of minutes for the money...... was thinking of buying their new phone they just came out with but people that were already customers could not walk in a store to buy one and was reading what people said about it and some liked it and some did not.... and the and the interface on the phone was nothing like the iPhone...I hacked away at the Verizon XV6700 had it looking like the iPhone and all kinds of stuff but Windows Mobile sucks...... the phone would hesitate all of the time and I had to wait for this to open or that to open... and that got really old fast.....

With the iPhone I bought in at 900 minutes and the data package and will be paying less...

So with the iPhone and ATT I am getting more minutes for my money and they roll over.. which is nice.... with Verizon you pay for your minutes but if you don't use them oh well.... you paid for minutes you did not use... I think that is a rip off....

Anyway.... Since I bought the iPhone and with ATT I get no service so much that I want to puke..... I could use the Verizon phone at my home here in any part of the house.... with ATT I usually only have one bar at the most and the phone calls get dropped and no service.... upsets me to no end...

As I have crused around the town here I have been able to get all the bars on my iPhone and then at times this screen comes up asking me something about Wifi in which I don't know what the heck it wants me to do... if anyone can explain this please do so cause I don't know if it wants me to hop on or what?

Anyway I am more than disappointed with ATT at this time... it doesn't even compare to Verizon..... I can get out of ATT as I am in the trial part right now.... I don't think I can hack at the iPhone right now to use T-Mobile because the iPhone says for the Verison is 1.1.2 (3B48b) and it was bought in the 46th week....

I would not know what to do to get started so I could go to T-Moblile...and at this time I read that there is not hack for this phone to get it on T-Mobile....

What I am wondering if I should drop ATT then will I have to pay for the trial period? And then what can I do with this beautiful Phone? I know I can't talk on it if I should drop ATT.....

What a damn shame.... the prettiest phone ever.... no one will be able to beat this phone for a long long time... and here it is on ATT... Apple should have kissed Verizon's ass so that we could be on their service with this wonderful phone.... From what I read Apple only wanted money from each person that was on the two year contract with ATT....

Can't believe that Apple could be that greedy! Here they have a phone that can't be touched at this moment and they know others won't be able to compete with them and then they put it on ATT...

The iPhone being on Verizon would have been the best phone ever and they would have probably sold many many more....

Now I am frustrated... because I love the iPhone but can't use it to talk on much.... I guess I am feeling like I made the wrong choice as to what service I wanted... they say the phone is only good as the service and I am learning that right now...

Would love any help, suggestions anything at this time.... and what the heck is this Wifi crap? From what I understand you can use free services when you hit places like this but I do not now what to do when the phone is asking me about the Wifi part.....

I am miserable right now... here I paid my way out of Verizon... hated their phone and I know they are not as good as the iPhone but the calling part and such on the iPhone is driving me nuts! :(


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Dec 23, 2007
Bronx, NY
Well i have At&t and i have great service but of course i live in new york city, so they are probably the worst in your area. with your WiFi problem try turning off your wifi and and turning off the Ask to join networks option which is located in settings under wifi. wifi is basically wireless internet. if you keep your wifi on any time you hit a area that has a wireless connection Like your library, school or even starbucks its going to ask you if you want to use their service. this is good because then you don't have to use the edge network which is slower. but also if a lot of people are connected to the internet from a wifi in your library the connection my actually be slower than edge, because it has happened to me plenty of times in my school. Wifi = wireless internet, its faster but it also kills your battery faster so its best to keep it off until you want to use the internet. and about your problem with AT&t my adivce is call and complain that is what i would do, but i could'nt tell you if it would work or not.


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Jul 22, 2007
Stevenson Ranch
Where do uou live? Also your phone asks you if you want to join a wifi hotspot because it is turned on. If you don't want to keep seeing then turn it off in settings.


Dec 18, 2007
Tampa, FL
My AT&T signal coverage is about the same as Sprint's was - not perfect, but usable. The only thing I have noticed that's different is that AT&T (or the iPhone, come to that) can take a while to get a call going from time to time.


Jun 29, 2007
I came to iPhone from Alltel and in fact still have an Alltel phone as my second (backup phone) and my wife is still on Alltel also.
Alltel is vastly superior coverage and service in South Carolina and Columbia specifically. Many areas of town have no coverage and in my own home in the middle of town I rarely have more than 2 bars. Down in another county there is little or no ATT coverage out in the boonies.

Yes ATT is terrible and yes the iPhone is wonderful. Sucks doesn't it.


Sep 6, 2007
don't blame Apple

its verizon's fault. Apple originally went to verizon first but they turned Apple down. verizon was too picky about wanting all their phones showing the same GUI so cingular was next in line.

i should know because i used to work for verizon.

and about that wifi thing...your phone is just letting you know its within range of wifi spots you can latch on to. the ones with a lock icon to the right of the name means you need a password.

if you don't want to use available wifi, just hit cancel and you'll stay on EDGE.

if you really hate AT&T that much you can cancel and use T-mobile by way of unlocking the iPhone. but then why? tmobile uses AT&T's towers, has less reception, and no edge. you would have to rely on wifi only for internet and email