Don't Worry, Be (iPhone) Happy

Does Your iPhone Make You Happy?????????

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Jul 9, 2007
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
I wanted to share my thoughts from last night with all of you. I have read (many) and also posted my own complaint about the iPhone. Actually, my complaint was more about the exclusive contract, than the phone (so I'm guilty of being a whiner also). I'm going to forget about the contract thing and start enjoying my iPhone.

Anyway, I thought last night how we as humans always draw off the negative, than the positive. We all rushed out and spent 600.00 to make ourselves "FEEL GOOD". I 'm not saying all, but a lot of us have b****ed and moaned about what the iPhone needs and doesn't have and so on and so forth. Why not start feeling good about our purchase and be HAPPY about what the iPhone does do (and also it's HOT design)?

Let's take this into consideration, no one device is, Solve All or Do All. Alot of us Electronics Junkies are the reason the iPhone is missing some apps or functions. People have complained to the phone makers about phones being to big, to bulky. The makers responded with smaller, thinner phones. You can only put so much into a smaller package (just ask any woman you know:mad:). You can only make a small battery do so much. Alot of people in this forum, want out of a phone, what amounts to a Super Computer, it's not going to happen.

Let's all start being happy that we were lucky and blessed enough to own this great device. There are people as we speak, that are wondering how they will feed their family tonight (due to job loss). We had the cash to plunk down, on our high dollar toy. I think we should all just start letting the iPhone do what we bought it for, MAKE US HAPPY. Apple will fix some things, some things they will not. It's just a phone (an amazing phone at that), not the end of the world.

So let's all turn on the iPod feature, click your favorite song, start dancing, stop complaining and BE HAPPY! M


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Jul 9, 2007
is this thread a joke. people act like its not a phone. its a great phone, but no it doesn't make me happy.
I agree with this sentiment 100%. I feel like I've walked into one of those ipod commercials with all the dancing silhouettes against the pastel backgrounds, only in forum-thread form.

The iPhone is a very nice phone with some great features coupled with some definite flaws that need to be remedied. It serves me.

cj sparrow

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Jul 24, 2007
My iPhone makes me happy

Same here. My razr v3 was a very good phone, but just another cell phone. The iPhone is in another league entirely.

cj sparrow


Jul 11, 2007
So Cal
My family thinks I've gone nuts with my iPhone. They said I am addicted to it and they are starting to worry about me because I can't let it out of my sight.:laugh2: My husband says because I am constantly checking and posting on this website that I am in some kind of iPhone cult:laugh2:!
Isn't that just crazy!
So yes I think I am happy, now I must go, my precious awaits.
(Thats what I call my iPhone):laugh2: