Dot Lock Data App Warning


Jun 28, 2007
Hi Guys!!
After thoroughly backing up my iPhone 5, I began the activation process of my 6+ by restoring from backup. It took quite some time but everything seemed to be in order until I opened my photo/video app, Dot Lock Data, and noticed that ALL my photos and videos were gone!!!! I've tried emailing Dot Lock Data, but so far, no reply. Any suggestions from the experts out there on how I might retrieve my photos and videos? Thanks in advance!!

BTW.........For those of you on the fence about the size of the 6+, I was skeptical coming from the 4" iPhone 5, but after playing with it a couple of days, I absolutely love the 5.5" size and can't imagine ever going back now. It really grows on you and the battery life is just fantastic!! I also am very pleased with Apple's leather cases for it. Cheers!!