Downgrade your Baseband

Jul 23, 2007

iPhone "Elite" Team Releases Method to Downgrade Baseband for iPhone v1.1.1

This week has been hectic with jailbreaking and unlocking news for iPhone firmware 1.1.1 which all started with the iPhone Dev Team announcing that they have been able to jailbreak the iPhone. Since then we have had multiple methods of jailbreak that has been demonstrated by various groups. I had mentioned that there were reports that all has not been right within the iPhone hacking community and this seems to have been further validated by another breakaway group called iPhone 'Elite' Team releasing a method to downgrade the baseband of iPhone running on v1.1.1.

If you are wondering that you had already seen a method to downgrade then you are partially right the instructions were not for downgrading the baseband put for downgrading the firmware which were released by the iPhone Dev Team thanks to Kmac1985. However, in that method it did not downgrade the baseband which was the reason why it wasn't possible to get the phone functionality to work if you had used one of the free methods such as anySIM or iUnlock to unlock your iPhone. (see iPhone Hacks, September 30 2007, Instructions on how to Unbrick iPhone - Downgrade from iPhone 1.1.1 to iPhone 1.0.2 for the Hacked iPhone)
So in case you had accidentally upgraded to the firmware 1.1.1 after you had unlocked your iPhone using one of the free unlocking method such as anySIM or iUnlock then you could use the method published by the iPhone "Elite" team to revert to the last working version which in my opinion should help you also restore the phone functionality on the iPhone. This is similar to the unbricking solution that iPhoneSIMFree was offering those who had bricked their iPhone for $100. (see iPhone Hacks, October 11, 2007, iPhoneSIMFree releases First iPhone SIM Unlock solution for firmware 1.1.1 which also Unbricks anySIM Bricked iPhones)
However, Erica Sudan over @ Tuaw highlights a critical point/risk with this method which you should be aware of:
"unlike iPhoneSIMFree, this will probably not allow you to roll forward to the 1.1.1 firmware."
Click here to check out iPhone "Elite" Team's 19-step method to downgrade iPhone's baseband running on v1.1.1.
On a related note below is the introduction of the iPhone "Elite" Team which further gives evidence of the fallout within the iPhone Dev team and also the reasons for it.
"This is the home of the iPhone Dev-Elite. We don't play games, we DON'T want your donations and we don't ban people with a good idea. (unlike others - read how Zibri got banned here)"
However, looks like things seem to have settled down in the iPhone hacking community and they are back to focusing on delivering the cool third-party applications, hacks and unlocks for the iPhone that we have fondly known them for and what has got them all the glory.
The other news from yesterday in case you missed it is that Apple has launched the iPhone Web Apps directory which showcases some of the best pages and web applications that have been optimized for the iPod touch and iPhone's interface so far.