Download Songs from Safari and play directly on iPod

Discussion in 'Cydia Apps' started by Zabumafu, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. Zabumafu

    Zabumafu Member

    Here is a way to download songs from Safari on your iPhone or iPod touch safari and be able to play it directly through the iPod.

  2. Chris716

    Chris716 New Member

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  4. Zabumafu

    Zabumafu Member

    When I saw it I thought it was aswell. And yes it does work. Downside is that as you know when downloading songs from the internet it doesnt come with the albumn art and all that jaz so if you are an iTunes neat freak like me Ill download it and then on Itunes add everything to it.

    But yes it does work.
  5. firewire

    firewire Member

    I wonder if there will ever be anything that allows you to unzip or unrar files right on the iphone. It would come in handy when downloading media files in bulk.
  6. enigmanic

    enigmanic New Member

    I've been using this Safari download plugin since was first released and absolutely love it. Just FYI though: CopyCoder's installer contains an older version of Hachu's program. In Hachu's latest version, which is 0.2, there's a progress bar and a "change filename" option.
  7. coolie

    coolie New Member

    Yes I got this working. thanks. But when I import the song, it pop up as a weird name on my ipod. why?
  8. herzel

    herzel New Member

    can i have a link to download songs please.
  9. termleech

    termleech Zealot

    Where is the .2 version? I looked but couldn't find the link.
  10. enigmanic

    enigmanic New Member

  11. coolie

    coolie New Member

    Yeah I figured out about the whole name thing.
    I downloaded version .2 and installed it on my iphone, but I couldn't get it to work. Oh well, I will just use finder to rename my mp3's.
  12. termleech

    termleech Zealot

    yes, using the 0.2 LCDownloader with the .plist files from the installer source seems to work great. Combine that with the Network Services thing and I'm in love.
  13. addy005

    addy005 Member

    Wow, Those instructions were confusing lol. I downloaded all the programs but when i put some music files into /var/root/Media/MNPlight/music. It doesnt find anything when i click import songs. Also when i tried to have it import from /var/root/downloads it didnt work as well, it actually said no such directory was found. Im completely lost. Can anyone help me out?

    Alll I really want to do is "drag and drop" songs into my iphone with winscp and have my ipod read it.
  14. coolie

    coolie New Member

    You will have to spell "downloads" with the capital D.
  15. addy005

    addy005 Member

    I did. When I open MNPlight and do the import from this directory thing. It shows all of the steps it goes through. But I don't see any extra songs pop up or anything. I have no idea what exactly I am suppose to see when it gets done but I only have 39/39 songs that I put on there. Oh and When I put the plugin files into the directory where they are suppose to go. It never created at Downloads folder.
  16. blurm

    blurm Member

    Version 1.02

    I can't get this to work, is it bc I am using version 1.02? I am able to download and listen but it never gives me the option to save and the "download" folder never gets created in the var/root/media. HMMMM, Maybe an upgrade to version 1.1,.....little out of the loop I just got back in the country from a 2 month hiatus.

  17. Fred87nc

    Fred87nc New Member

    I can't download the copycoders from installer, I type the url for the sources, Just as it was on here, Even with the ... since it didn't show the full URL. Any suggestions?
  18. New Member

    Check out the original thread:

    I've been using this app for few weeks and it works great but IMO "HistoryDL" is a more elegant solution for downloading songs from HistoryDL's downloaded songs usually displays the correct artist and title on your ipod. And you can configure the save folder to match the default import folder on MNPlight.

    BTW- HistoryDL is in the "recent" section of AppTapp Installer.
  19. jester310

    jester310 New Member


    I am also using version 1.0.2 but I can't find any version of the download plugin to download from installer all I see is versions 1.1.1 and for 1.1.2 where did u find it for the 1.0.2 version???? Thanks in advance
  20. blurm

    blurm Member

    If you have CopyCoders in your source list then just download the plugin for 1.1, it works with version 1.02 fine. I believe it was originally written for that version from the start so it just so happens that it is compatible with 1.1. I wouldn't however download the one for version 1.1.2, I don't know what that would do. It's a great plugin, have fun.

  21. iCreep

    iCreep New Member

    They have apps in installer that says it allows you to unpack .zip files and RaR files and everything. I think the source is moyashi? Or at least that's what it says when I tap on the app and look at the contact button. Its under utilities on mine but I have the source already added. Oh and they also have data compressors too.


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