Driving 101

Nov 14, 2008
Cairo, Egypt.
If they go slow then more time on the road which means she can get injured while if you go fast you can get inside and be safe! ;) :p

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That's one effd up way of thinking, my little friend. lol

I have never actually experienced snow, believe it or not, so I wouldn't know how hard it is to drive on it; I have seen videos, however, of people sliding and crashing when there's snow so I wouldn't recommend trying to accelerate much. When it rains here in Egypt, and it seldom does, a lot, and I mean a lot, of accidents tend to take place. I have seen one in front of my eyes, where I was on the ring road going home and it was wet and had a lot of water on it, and then some guy with a crappy car decided he wants to accelerate, and I guess we all know the ending to that story; 1) he splashed everyone around him, myself included, with water, and 2) his car swerved to the right and BAM! hit the sidewalk. lol