Dumbest iTunes error...ever? (6, 2003...)


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Jun 7, 2008
OK first off this is an utterly pointless error that caused me to loose valuable files, info, and time.

I was using my ipod and it had been running into a few problems. Such as the time being wrong etc. I plugged it into iTunes and it wouldn't show up. I tried over and over without success. SO eventually i decided to put it into reovery mode. I plugged it into iTunes, it saw it and that it was in recovery. I clicked restore and everything went fine until it got to actually updating the software. I got error code 6 and error code 2003. I found a tip to restart iTunes a couple times so i did without success. I then found another article talking about battery charges and cheap caples when i got a hunch. The night before i had added an extension cable to my ipod cable so that i could run it to my bed. I plugged the normal ipod caple straight into my computer, hit restore and BAM it worked. Thus I realied that there was no need for me to recover my ipod because let me tell you, 14 gigs of music and videos takes a LONG time to copy to my ipod.
If you have the same problem try this:
2. Make sure you have the ipod directly connected to your computer (no extensions or hubs)
3. Restart iTunes a few times
4. If all else fails enter recovry mode and hope for the best :laugh2:
Jun 30, 2010
Dear All,

i had the same problem error 2003 Unknown error when i try to upgrade from 3.1.3 to os4 and i slove it
and i search in many forums.
but i read some sulotion about changing the USB port and i found the problem.

When i saw my cable (GRIFFIN) i ask my self what if this cable not supporting data transfaring, becouse i get it with when i buy car charger and i am using on my PC.

So, i think this is 1 way cable and maybe not for DATA.
then i used my orginal iPhone cable.

The good news the recovery and restoring work 100% good.
and problem was solved.

Hope this works for you also.
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