Duplicate accounts causing problems

Sep 16, 2014
I have an Ipod nano 4th gen that I use to play music in my car. It pretty much just stays there and I don't add stuff to it very often. I received an Itunes gift card and want to add some new music to the IPod today. I brought it in and hooked it up. Opened ITunes and tried to remember how it works. I finally found how to see what is on it by clicking the "What's on this IPod" button and can see what is already on it, but can't do anything with it. I can look at the summary and it knows it is my ipod but doesn't seem to be linked to my Itunes account. It won't let me put my new purchases on this ipod. If I try to add my purchases it tells me some of the itemd on my ipod cannot be transferred because I am not authorized on this computer. It tells me I have to authorize this device in order to transfer my purchases items. When I click to authorize it goes to the Itunes log in screen which contains just the first part of my email address and nothing from the "@" and after. The password place is blank. I put in what I think is my password and click. The same screen comes up again. I re-enter what I think is my password and enter again. Now is asks me if I forgot my password. I say "yes" and it takes me to the password reset page. Again...it only has the first part of email. I tell it I forgot the password and it asks me how I want to verify. If I select "email" i says it sent one and I never get it. If I select "security questions" it asks me for my birthdate, then tells that is wrong. It is not wrong......that is my birthdate. I don;t know how this ipod could have been linked to that account if I didn't set it up and I would have uses my correct email addredd and my correct birthdate. How do I get it to allow me to put my new music on it without losing what is already there?