Duplicate Songs


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Jul 1, 2007
This maybe a dumb question but....when you sync up the iPhone to iTunes and say you have 10 different playlists that you can check to download to the iPhone, well, say you check all 10 playlists to download, if there are some duplicate songs in some playlists will the iPhone just download that song one time or download it however many times it sees that song in other playlists?
Jul 7, 2007
it will dl it twice, and you have to delete it from the music list because you can't delete it from playlist
The iPhone works just like iTunes and the iPod. Duplicate songs are only duplicate files if they are in the "music" library. A song in the playlist is just a database reference pointer to the original song in the main library and thereforee the same song in multiple playlists all point to the original file and that is the only (one) file that is downloaded to the iPhone.