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    I just bought some old Mr. Bean TV skits on DVD. Each disk contains 6 titles, each title contains 5 chapters. (Each chapter is a skit about 5 minutes long, so each title is about 25 minutes long and therefore each disk contains about 2.5 hours of video. There are 3 disks!)

    I used DVDShrink on the disk (reauthor mode; left out the menus etc), which got me a VIDEO_TS directory with the 6 titles. When I let Handbrake process this, I specified the VIDEO_TS directory as the input, not any specific file. The resulting mp4 only contained the first title (5 chapters, 25 minutes). I was expecting it to pick up all 6 titles since they were in the same directory. Any ideas how to get this to happen?

    (I've ripped lots of long, single-title movies successfully. This is my first multiple-title disk.)
  2. Eragon

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    If you want only one MP4 file, go back to DVD Shrink, and re-author such that your resulting file only has one title. Handbrake can then process the video TS as a single file.
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  4. jdmarino

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    I have not figured out how to do that. I can drag the titles to the DVD compilation window, but I don't know how to get 1 title. Ideas?
  5. Eragon

    Eragon Zealot

    Try this link. Your freeware options are limited. I use Nero Recode which has a built in capability for merging titles. I've also used DVD2OneX. Another option, is to rip each episode into vob files and merge them. Similarly, you can use the procedure you have been using and merge the resulting mp4 files.

  6. jdmarino

    jdmarino Member

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