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Jul 29, 2011
Dynamic is the live wallpaper.

And yeah, I'm not sure if they're going to let that happen.

Sent from something made by Apple!


Jun 16, 2008
One Horse Town, New Jersey
Be careful downloading these so called iOS7 friendly wallpapers. I found some on an App that was updated and I downloaded it and started to use one. When I did that my 3D effect, or whatever it's called, stopped working. The wallpaper did not respond like the Apple ones when I turned the phone. What was worse is that when I saw this and changed back to the Apple wallpaper that wallpaper stopped responding to the turns like it used to. I tried the animated wallpaper too and that stopped responding so I deleted the App and any other wallpaper apps I had that i used to use. Then I did a hard restart on my phone and now the wallpapers are back to normal.

That was very strange, but I don't trust these wallpaper Apps anymore. I feel like I have to stick to the Apple ones until Apple fixes the cropping so I can uses my own wallpapers.

The Apps I had and my phone probably just didn't get along. It could have just been a fluke. I am so board of these Apple wallpapers. Consequently if you find an App that has wallpapers that work I'd be game to try it out.