earpiece not working.. HELP !

Nov 14, 2008
dropped my iPhone 3g in a puddle today and the earpiece does not work during calls...
and worth noting is when i try to turn up the volume during a call..it displays the headphone volume (just like if you had headphones plugged in)

everything else works fine, 3g, wifi, and i can hear my calls if its on speaker phone

is there any tips to get my ear piece working again?
or any chance i coudl take it back to the Apple store and claim another reason to get another phone with my 1 year warranty?

thanks, any help is appreciated!
Feb 19, 2009
oh no! might be likely that you have excess water stuck in your phone and it's not drying 'cause it's stuck inside (happened to my old phone where I took it apart and dried it with a hair dryer but it still wasn't the same after)

It sort of sounds like your phone thinks its headset is in when it isn't if the headphone icon is showing...have you also tried turning it off and back on? With and without the headset?

My best bet is taking it back to Apple but they check to see if there's water in it (i think they shine some light into the crevices and if the light shows up red, it means water damage). Either way, there's no harm in trying?


New Member
Jan 18, 2009
Ooo, yeah try going to the Apple store but it having the red colour on the pH indicator is one way they chen if your iPhone has come into contact with liquid. It voids the warranty. But just try anyway some people have come back with succes stories.