Easter Egg hunt for 100 new features!

Discussion in 'iOS Software' started by wildonrio, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. wildonrio

    wildonrio New Member

    Jul 4, 2007
    Ok here's how it works. Apple said that 3.0 has 100+ new features, but they didn't list them. Let's see if we can find them all! If you find a new feature that's not on this list, mention it here and I will add it.

    New Features in 3.0:

    1. Cut/Paste
    2. Copy/Paste
    3. Text selection for easy mass deletion
    4. MMS
    5. Landscape keyboard in Notes
    6. Landscape keyboard in Mail
    7. Landscape keyboard in Messages
    8. Forward texts or picture messages
    9. Delete individual texts or picture messages
    10. Sending progress bar in Messages app moved to title instead of over the keyboard area (allows typing new message while the first one is sending)
    11. USB tethering
    12. Bluetooth tethering
    13. Stereo bluetooth (A2DP)
    14. Spotlight search (searches all app titles, mail, media, contact details, and calendar appointments)
    15. Search in Notes
    16. Search in Mail
    17. Search in iPod
    18. In-App purchases
    19. Option to have double clicking the home button go to the Spotlight Search
    20. Option to have double clicking the home button go to the Camera
    21. Preview icon in lower left hand corner for last shot taken in Camera app
    22. Shake to shuffle in iPod
    23. Scrolling of screenshots in App Store
    24. Type of phone used under each call in Recents (i.e., mobile, home, work, etc.)
    25. Call history log (including call duration)
    26. Option to Share Contact in each contact listing
    27. Hold link in Safari to Copy
    28. Hold link in Safari to Open in New Page
    29. Auto Fill contact information, usernames and passwords in Safari
    30. Login to your YouTube account
    31. See Comments in YouTube
    32. Subscribe in YouTube
    33. Rate in YouTube
    34. Shake to undo what you have typed
    35. Option to retry sending failed text messages, indicated by red exclamation point next to text
    36. Turn-by-turn GPS capabilities
    37. Maps can be run inside other applications
    38. Access to dock port for accessories to communicate
    39. Peer-to-peer connectivity using Bluetooth (no Wi-Fi required)
    40. New Voice memo application
    41. Extended Parental controls
    42. Anti-phishing
    43. Wi-Fi auto login
    44. Note syncing in iTunes
    45. Improved Stocks app
    46. New calendar types (CalDAV)
    47. Prompt to confirm deleting a note
    48. Prompt to confirm deleting a photo
    49. Option to select multiple photos to attach to an email
    50. "Find My iPhone" option for MobileMe users
    51. Unlimited size podcast downloads over 3G
    52. Pushing home button on first home screen takes user to Spotlight
    53. Pushing home button on Spotlight takes user to first home screen
    54. Variable speed playback for audio books
    55. App Store subscriptions
    56. Push notifications
    57. Audio/Video tags
    58. New video streaming capabilities (HTML 5 video, h.264 and HTTP)
    59. Calendar subscriptions
    60. iTunes login
    61. iTunes account creation
    62. Encypted profiles
    63. LDAP (directory services)
    64. VPN on-demand
    65. EAP SIM
    66. Proxy support
    67. OTA profiles
    68. Revoke certificates
    69. Exchange ActiveSync Policies
    70. Media scrubber
    71. More langauges
    72. Improved keyboards
    73. Failed app updates now are shown in a duplicate icon and labeled "Paused"
    74. When selecting multiple emails to forward/delete, any unread emails' blue dot are shown next to the red selector dot instead of being overridden by the red selector dot
    75. Non-contact phone calls list their city and state of origin in Recents and Visual Voicemail under the number.
    76. Ability to change ringtones straight from Favorites
    77. Lap time display now displayed smaller and above time in Stopwatch
    78. Polished Phone, Messages, and iPod icons
    79. Swipe to delete notes in the Notes app
    80. Advanced Bluetooth options for Handsfree devices
    81. Option to close a single web page in Safari page view, which immediately opens a new blank page
    82. Improved predictive dictionary
    83. Blue dot now displayed in center of location circle in Maps (V1 only)
    84. Listening to music while charging the battery now displays the album art instead of the battery
    85. Smaller font for song title on lock screen
    86. Option in Phone Settings to choose your phone number
    87. Option to disable text message reminder alerts
    88. Option to disable text message previews
    89. Option to show subject field in text messages
    90. Ability to integrate iPod music into apps
    91. Clickable email links in App Store app descriptions
    92. JavaScript 3x speed boost
    93. 11 homescreens now allowed
    94. Reboots to "slide to unlock" screen instead of homescreen
    95. In Settings>General>Home>Search Results, users can choose what is searched on the phone and in what order.
    96. Application count added in Settings>General>About
    97. Option "Load Remote Images" added in Mail settings
    98. Global address book option available if Exchange account is set up
    99. Speed control in audiobooks
    100. 30 second repeat option for audiobooks
    101. Improved scrubbing speeds when holding white dot in song progress bar in iPod
    102. When sending a text, your text box where you typed smoothly fades from white to green instead of instantly changing from white to green.
    103. When moving an app across homescreens, holding the app on either the left or right side will slowly advance the app one through one homescreen at a time, without leaving empty spots in the bottom right corner or each homescreen it advances through.
    104. Album name displayed on lockscreen iPod controls
    105. Shake to shuffle on lockscreen iPod controls
    106. Podcasts saved on iPhone now show Run Time, Time Left and Date Published
    107. Screen goes from dimmed to full brightness after each song when playing the iPod while plugged in
    108. WAVE file support in Mail
    109. Attachment no longer automatically downloaded until user taps the attachment in Mail
    110. When using a bluetooth headset with iPod, volume bar is removed and bluetooth headset name is displayed in its place.
    111. A space is no longer needed between two words for predictive texting to function.
    112. Link to your iTunes account at the bottom of the Top 25 list in the App Store.
    113. Link to your iTunes account in Settings under Store.
    114. When adding a new phone number for a contact, "iPhone" is now the default label.
    115. Share contacts via MMS as a VCF file.
    116. Prevents from sending blank text messages on accident.
    117. Option to display battery percentage in top right corner. (3G S only, for some stupid reason)
  2. stewcp

    stewcp Member

    Jul 24, 2007
    21. Shake to undo type
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  4. tzhourdeka

    tzhourdeka Member

    Jul 25, 2007
    The font for the song playing on the Slide to Unlock screen is different, and it says the bands name and album when you press the home button twice on the SLU screen.
  5. Hondamaker

    Hondamaker Genius

    May 14, 2007
    Home button has more options when you double-click it, like camera and search.
  6. wildonrio

    wildonrio New Member

    Jul 4, 2007
    Already got it, number 12

    I can't verify this since none of my iPod music imports in 3.0 :/ Can you do a screenshot, or can anyone else verify this?
  7. Hondamaker

    Hondamaker Genius

    May 14, 2007
    Man, and I looked, too!
  8. patrickj

    patrickj Genius

    Sep 2, 2007
    Great thread idea - think I'm gonna get on board tonight.

    Oh, and wildonrio - I PMed you about another of your threads ...
  9. styfle

    styfle Zealot

    Mar 31, 2008
    Safari had several other updates like it looks for phishing websites.

    What about just faster OS. Things open and close faster. Its not a huge difference but as long as I'm not get (beta) lag, it just runs smoother. I might be going crazy but even safari seems to zoom faster when it renders text.
  10. icecreamman2

    icecreamman2 New Member

    Jul 23, 2008
    • Turn-by-turn directions. Developers will also be able to create turn-by-turn applications using the GPS information from the iPhone and combining it with their own maps, without depending on 3G connectivity or Google.

    -Maps inside other applications. New applications will be able to use Maps directly, which is now an API.

    • Use your iPhone/touch to control peripherals. A new API will let you use your iPhone or iPod touch as a control to your accessories.

    • Peer-to-peer Wi-Fi Bluetooth connectivity. A new API will allow for two iPhones to connect directly—peer-to-peer—via Bluetooth Wi-Fi, without needing any Wi-Fi network.

    • Voice memo application. Obviously, allows you to record voice or any other sound, so you don't forget any idea or want to play FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper.

    Send and receive files. A dedicated application to exchange files between iPhones or iPods touch.

    • Extended parental controls. Adult content filters can now be applied to movies, TV shows, and applications, in addition to web sites and music (porn apps, here we come).

    • Anti-phishing. Mobile Safari now can warn you against malicious sites trying to scam you.

    • Wi-Fi auto-login. In case you have a subscription to a paid hotspot, your iPhone or iPod touch will autolog into it.

    • Automatic login in Safari. The new version of Safari will remember login credentials, so you won't need to introduce your username and password again while accessing Scoreland your work intranet.

    • Note syncing with iTunes.

    • Stereo Bluetooth A2DP audio. You will be able to pair your iPhone 3.0 with a stereo Bluetooth A2DP device, like headphones or speakers

    • Improved stocks application. The stocks application now allows you to read related news, so you can enjoy yourself learning about the latest market scandals, stock crashes, and executives getting bonus packages from government aid while their companies sink into hell.

    • Support for new calendar types. In iPhone OS 3.0 you will be able to subscribe to calendars on the web using two protocols: CalDAV—supported by Google and Yahoo—and subscriptions via the .ics format—which is what Apple uses in iCal.

    • Search in Mail, Calendar, and iPod. These Apple applications have specific search interfaces. The search in Mail doesn't support the message content yet, but it supports searching in IMAP servers—that will save a lot of time logging into Gmail.

    sorry if ( i definitely did ) mention anything twice or inaccurate.
  11. wildonrio

    wildonrio New Member

    Jul 4, 2007
    Thanks, all added :)
  12. Hondamaker

    Hondamaker Genius

    May 14, 2007
    I cant find turn by turn, is that something to be added later?
  13. wildonrio

    wildonrio New Member

    Jul 4, 2007
    It's just the capability, now we just need Garmin or TomTom to write an app and put it on the app store.
  14. styfle

    styfle Zealot

    Mar 31, 2008
    A lot of features cant be used in the beta such as push notifications and turn by turn. These are left to the developers to create the apps in time for the real 3.0 release.
  15. Hondamaker

    Hondamaker Genius

    May 14, 2007
    Push was working fine for me with my POP mail, i tried it!
  16. styfle

    styfle Zealot

    Mar 31, 2008
    push notifications is different than PUSH.
    search it and you will see
  17. psylichon

    psylichon Genius

    Oct 31, 2007
    When you take a photo, it shrinks to a thumbnail of the image where the camera roll icon used to be in the lower left.
  18. wildonrio

    wildonrio New Member

    Jul 4, 2007
    Got it, #13. You worded it better though, I'll try and make it more clear.
  19. psylichon

    psylichon Genius

    Oct 31, 2007
    Oh no, that's way more concise. I just missed it.
  20. psylichon

    psylichon Genius

    Oct 31, 2007
    Though you might want to augment #20 to include Auto-Fill of personal contact info as well.
  21. wildonrio

    wildonrio New Member

    Jul 4, 2007
    What does that mean?

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