Easy Ringtone Method for Hacked 1.1.1 phones and Macs


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Sep 28, 2007
I know I am not coming up with anything original here, but I do believe I am piecing together several steps I have read on multiple forums resulting in an easy ringtone maker that requires no SSH, terminal crap, etc.

You do need to install SendSong from Installer. Then follow these easy steps:
(1) Open Garage Band
(2) Click on media in lower right corner
(3) Drag the song you want to convert into ringtone into Garage Band from media list
(4) Find the 30 second segment you want and use Edit/Split to separate that segment from the rest of the song
(5) Delete the rest of the song other than your 30 second segment and drag that segment all the way to the left or starting point of the track on Garage Band
(6) Click Share/Send song to iTunes
(7) The 30 second song should now be in an iTunes playlist with your name (joe bloe's playlist); I recommend you rename the song as Song Name Rington; then click Advanced and Convert to AAC - the original file is an AIFF
(8) Find the AAC version of Song Name Rington and drag it into a playlist called iPhone Ringtones (or whatever - these are my methods)
(9) Sync the phone
(10) Open SendSong on your iPhone and find the ringtone you just created
(11) Select the ringtone and click Send to Ringtones

Voila -- your ringtone should now be available for use. Once you have done this it is really quite easy. I haven't tried any of the other programs, methods, etc. but since this one is easy, free and works I don't feel a need to.

Hope this helps someone.