Eclipse is Here to Give You Night Mode On Your iPhone

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Dec 15, 2008
Pensacola, FL
No idea. I've never used f.lux. Doesn't sound like they are that similar, though.
For me, having used f.lux and still use it, it doesn't seem to work all that much. What is also strange is, my brightness goes up time and time again, it doesn't change back down. I'm not set to auto-brightness. What is really uncool is when I am walking outside and then I try to use my iPhone and I can't see the screen at all. I have to get inside to use it, or just try to press password and change brightness using CC.


New Member
Feb 5, 2014
Eclipse is fine, you just have to remember to respring it manually after any changes, since it has no option to respring in the app itself.