Email password is changing by itself?

Oct 13, 2007
Since I jailbroke my 1.1.4. with ZiPhone, my email was working fine but since yesterday I couldn't retrieve any messages and got an error saying something like password for imap server invalid. Could be a package I've installed containing a virus? I tried going into Settings>Mail>Accounts>"my email address">Password and discovered that the password field contains an 8 letters word(stars). My actual password has only 6 letters! So I tried changing it. The authenticating went ok but it still puts the 8 digit password back in that field and get that password/user match error message every time I open the mail. Any ideeas?


New Member
Jul 2, 2007
New York
I had the same problem. I believe it was caused by the fact that when I jailbroke my 1.1.4 I didn't set it up as a new phone in iTunes. I restored from a back-up. That seems to be the problem that is causing a lot of jailbroke phones to encounter issues. When I jailbroke a second time I made sure that I didn't restore from a backup. All is perfect! No problems with youtube or mail or anything.