Email setup--Road Runner (Time Warner)?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by eye-Fone, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. eye-Fone

    eye-Fone Zealot

    Has anyone successfully set up a Time Warner Road Runner email account on their iPhone?

    Whenever I try to, the phone attempts to verify the info, and it says it can't, but would I like to try a non-SSL connection. Since RR is not SSL, I answered "OK", but it still fails to verify the mail account.

    I'm on my home's WiFi network, so it is going through the RR network. I'm using the same settings (server name's, etc.) as Outlook, where it works fine.

    Any suggestions?

  2. eye-Fone

    eye-Fone Zealot

    I figured it out. I shouldn't have been putting a username and password on the SMTP server. It works when I leave it at "optional"--it uses the credentials that I entered for my POP server.

    As you were...all is working fine now.
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  4. SkyyBoy

    SkyyBoy Member

    just note that your Road Runner SMTP server will NOT work when you are not connected via Road Runner network (like when using 3G).
    You will need to use another SMTP server. I think AT&T uses one at (no username/password necessary if connected via AT&T).

    I use gmail's SMTP server (and you can set up your gmail account to make it look like it is coming from your Road Runner email).
  5. eye-Fone

    eye-Fone Zealot

    This is true. If I use that SMTP server, will the email still appear as being from my RR account?

    I do that all the time, but only when using gmail's web site. How do I do this from the email client of the iPhone?
  6. crumbcake13

    crumbcake13 New Member

    I am on day three of trying to figure this out. I am hoping that you can help me. My mom just purchase an iphone. I have one but I'm not having the problem. My mom has Road Runner. My goal is for her to be able to receive and send messages whether she is on a wifi or the edge network without having to change her settings. ex: I have aol. I come home and my phone automatically changes itself to my wifi and when I'm out it goes to the edge network and I am able to always send and receive emails.

    So from what I understand I can leave her incoming mail server as rr and outgoing server needs to be gmail. I can forward her rr email to gmail on the rr website. I also understand there is a setting on Gmail that you can still have the roadrunner email address on it.

    Questions: Road runner is pop (i don't know much about this but I just picked up that there is a difference) G-mail is IMAP. Does this affect anything?

    Also what are the exact setting that the phone needs to be at? do you have to change anything in advance settings too?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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