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Discussion in 'iPad 2' started by nbpoppy, Jul 10, 2013.

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    After having to reset a password for my BT Internet email account my iPad is now showing over 1000 unread emails on my iPad. iPhone and MacBook are both ok. Is there any way I can get my iPad to clear all these messages or show them as read, or is my only option to 'edit' them all individually. Many thanks.

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  2. Adriano73

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    Bt Internet mail is just a yahoo account isn't it? If you access via the yahoo site you can mark all as read. I just can't remember how to do it. Google it I say.
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    iOS 7 has an option for marking all emails as read. However, there is still a way to do it on 6.x and lower. I just tested it on iOS 6 and it works. Here are the directions:


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