Erase all content and settings (Is this safe)?

Discussion in 'iPhone Jailbreak' started by Hinezy, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. Hinezy

    Hinezy Contributor

    If I have a jailbroken and unlocked iphone and want to wipe it clean to sell, is it safe to go into the settings on the phone and use the "erase all content and settings" feature? Will this remove the jailbreak?
  2. Evotivo

    Evotivo New Member

    I'm wondering the same thing. Anybody ever use this feature?
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  4. trdspectacoma

    trdspectacoma Member

    I tried yesterday when I just got the new phone it looks like it might have put me in an infini boot. I guess I will have to restore and jailbreak. try to go over wifi and unlock as the buyer wants the phone unlocked. hopefully someone else has used this and can confirm or tell me and us different
  5. BrownGem

    BrownGem Zealot

    Lot of people have problems using this setting. Best to just restore to wipe a jailbreak. Restore as new for a total wipe. Be sure and undo stuff like categories and other mods like changing your providers name at the top. Some things even a restore won't wipe.
  6. Evotivo

    Evotivo New Member

    If I do a restore will it automatically update me to IOS 4? I would like to keep the jailbreak and unlock for the sale. If I were just to manually erase my email accounts, contacts, and clear safari history would that erase my personal info from the phone permantly? Is there anything else I should worry about when selling the phone to a stranger?
  7. ipadtouch

    ipadtouch New Member

    yes, you are more than safe to use that. The only problem is the time length it takes depends on your storage before. If you have a lot of stuffs, you might end up to be like an hour or so. Make sure you have sufficient battery ;)
  8. Evotivo

    Evotivo New Member

    Thanks for the reply. I think that's what my best option is if I want to keep the jailbreak and unlock.....I really hope the new jailbreak comes out for IOS 4, then i won't have to manually do anything. Lol. Just restore and rejailbreak.
  9. BrownGem

    BrownGem Zealot

    You can do a custom restore if you have shsh file on Sauriks server. Upgrades to custom ios4. Won't work if you are on a Spirit jailbreak now.
  10. Evotivo

    Evotivo New Member

    Yeah unfortunately I'm on a spirit jailbreak and ultrsnow unlock
  11. seanwes

    seanwes Zealot

    No, wait!

    Don't do this. You put yourself through too much trouble. I'm on a Windows PC, and all I do is create a new Windows user, and sync the iPhone with the iTunes on that profile. It's empty, so if you check that you want to sync the photos, music etc., it'll warn that the information on the computer (which there is none for that profile) will replace what is on the device, you confirm that that's what you want to do, and then you have a cleared library on your phone. :)

    Nnow your original profile still has all of your data to sync with your new iPhone.
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  12. iphonewarrior

    iphonewarrior Moderator


    I have just gone through the pain of Erasing all contents and Settings. It seriously isn't worth the hassle of creating a new, Windows Profile etc.

    I erased all contents and settings the other day, on a 32GB 3GS, I left the phone for 45 mins and I didn't have a progress bar at all, which you usually get. So I tried to turn the phone off, then back on again, it wouldn't work. I tried hard resetting it, it wouldn't turn off, it kept on booting up.

    It then took me nearly 40 minutes to get it to restore by means of DFU mode.

    Restore the iPhone, but don't let it sync.

    I would honestly stay away from erasing anything with a jailbroken phone, it always seems to play up. Take my word for it.

    And if you do require an the unlock, restore using custom firmware bundles. If you have you ECID SHSH blobs saved, restore to stock and re-jailbreak using the Pwnage Tool.

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