Error 1064 In iTunes - iPhone won't restore

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by barrycompston, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. barrycompston

    barrycompston New Member


    Have a iphone 1.1.1from the usa.

    It shows the cd/lead logo like when you but at first.

    Tried using itunes to restore to 1.0.2 - i get Error1

    Tried using itunes to restore to 1.1.1 - i get Error1064

    Tried using restore in itunes - i get unexpected error has occured

    Used ibrickr to boot iphone - screen goes green and asks you to use itunes

    Please if anyone can help me, I am going mad.

  2. geordisjd

    geordisjd Zealot

    try this:

    1. Take your iphone out of the docking station while leaving the usb/docking station connected to your computer
    2. Power off your phone for at least 10 seconds
    3. Put phone back in docking station
    4. Press and hold the menu button while powering on your iphone until u see an icon w an arrow appear on your iphone
    5. itunes application will give u a new message to restore. Follow instructions.

    If it doesn't work download a fresh version of iTunes
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  4. barrycompston

    barrycompston New Member


    I have already done that and it wont restore.

  5. geordisjd

    geordisjd Zealot

    Try restoring on another computer, then sync to yours.

    Here's what Apple recommends.
  6. barrycompston

    barrycompston New Member


    would the fact that the iemi has been changed cause this proble.

    it arrived from the states unlocked, and i think they changed the iemi.

  7. geordisjd

    geordisjd Zealot

    I wouldn't know. IEMI, that's something just for Europe, isn't it? 1064 errors and others while trying to restore from iTunes have happened well before there were iPhones in Europe. I had that problem after I modded mine, then tried to install an update which forced me to restore (on my main computer). I went around it by restoring from my laptop.
  8. KNK

    KNK New Member

    The IEMI is different on each phone, at least that is what I was told today. Actually HAWK knows this stuff inside and out, he can shed light on this.
  9. barrycompston

    barrycompston New Member


    Still wont restore

    Tried restoring to 1.0.2 and I get an error1

    When restoring to 1.1.1 I get error1064

    And when I do the normal restore again error 1064

    Runnimhibrickr the phone goes green and says update via itunes.

    I have tried changing usb ports,turning pc off,using another pc

    The phone is a usa model with upgraded 1.1.2 firmware on it.

    When connected to itunes it shows:

    Name: iphone

    Capacity: n/a

    Software Version: n/a

    Serial Number: n/a

    Phone Number: n/a

    Any other help or advise would be great.

  10. Lincoln

    Lincoln New Member

    This is true. Like the Serial No., it's different on each.

    - John
  11. barrycompston

    barrycompston New Member


    Can anyone help me get this thing to restore.

  12. KNK

    KNK New Member

    Whose tutorial thread were you following in the orig jailbreak?

    And what made you want to restore?
  13. Diesel8

    Diesel8 New Member

    Hello, this is what happened to me from the beginning, before i buy a new computer, i was on my old pc, then i purchased a iphone 3gs, now i connected it to the pc and it went fine itunes detected it and all was fine , ok now i bought a new pc i tried to get it working on itunes i thought it was gonna work normally like the first time, then i got error 1611 , an uknown error occured...etc.. i was mad lol then i was thinkign to go back to the old pc and restore there, what happened? everything went fine, nice installation and restored it all clean. i turned again the new pc on and tried to restore , same error :( again, i went back to the old pc again and did a complete new installation of vista 64-bit, the first thing i did is to install itunes, and it was a good installation and it worked, if u go back to another computer or just format everything and install a new fresh copy of vista , the first thing u need to do is to install itunes , then your iphone will be restored, if not on the pc your using, just try another computer with fresh installation of OS, and first thing u need to do is to install itunes .do not install another programs... i just tried it now and it works fine but its not working on the new pc i dont know , but maybe if i install a fresh new OS on it maybe it will work i didnt tried that yet , Good Luck, if u already solved your problem , please let me know . cause i still cant restore it on the new pc . :)

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