Everything iCafe Today


Jun 10, 2006
Long Island, NY
Today you can expect to see an influx of traffic here at EIC. Last year at this time, the site had a significantly different server set-up to say the least and what followed was pretty horrific. We survived iDay and the price decrease, but no guarantees today. If we do experience issues, please know that I'll be working to get the site back online ASAP. That of course is a worse case scenario. I'm a bit superstitious, so I won't make any predictions.

I do expect that we'll see some new visitors and hopefully they'll join our community. I'd ask that everyone help out in welcoming new members to the site. For many, it might be their first experience using a forum. Let's make it a positive one, so we can continue to build on this great community of iPhone users.

T minus 54 minutes and counting.... have fun and I'll see you on the other side.