Extreme initial setup frustration! Help?

Apr 21, 2012
Hi all,

Just bought the new Ipad, never owned an Apple product before. I've been home half an hour and still cannot do anything interesting. It refuses to navigate past the network setup screen, won't select my network. I'm 30 seconds away from calling the shop and quitting. I've worked with computers as a tech and a programmar for years, use Android and Windows fluently, have experience with Linux and have plenty of other kit.

So why is it tricky to select a network, type the details for wpa2 and move ON from this damn screen? No messages, hidden boxes or anything. Starting over several times made no difference.

Can anyone help? Please?
Jan 16, 2009
I would shut down your router and restart it. I would also shut off the iPad and restart that process if necessary. Also make sure that you enter capitol letters if necessary.

Whatever you do don't give up because it will be worth it!