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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by xman, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. xman

    xman Member

    Is it possible to take a screen shot when doing facetime?
  2. Shilpakar2

    Shilpakar2 New Member

    No no

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  4. BlindSpoTT

    BlindSpoTT Zealot

    wrong..... yes you can take a screen shot while facetiming.
  5. gary_hendricks

    gary_hendricks New Member

    How do you do that? Is it by pressing the Home button with the on-off button at the same time? Thank you.
  6. Yes it is. I have a facetime screen shot album. It does NOT affect the call.
  7. iSoSrs

    iSoSrs Member

    Press the lock and home button simultaneously. That takes a screenshot anytime.

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  8. scottjf8

    scottjf8 Member

    Here is me facetime'ing with my 2 year old.

    And this was over 3g from a customer site (yay for 3G Unrestrictor!)
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  9. xman

    xman Member

    Facetime screen shot?

    When you do a screen shot while facetiming, what do you get? What's on the screen or a pic of yourself via the front camera?
  10. scottjf8

    scottjf8 Member

    Consider looking one post up above yours.
  11. xman

    xman Member

    The reason I asked (after viewing the previous post) was I tried it and although there was a facetime of my son on the screen, when I did the screen shot I got a picture of myself taking the shot.... Weird?

    I'll try again to verify.

  12. this is a good way to get nudes of your girlfriend and post them on 4chan
  13. :-)

    :-) Member

    Haha! Now that Is a good idea. ;)

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  14. kisstine

    kisstine Zealot

    And so classy. Grow up. If someone trusts you maybe you should consider the value of that and keep your screenshots for your own, personal use.
  15. :-)

    :-) Member

    It was a joke. Jesssussssss.

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  16. or keep nudity where it belongs, in private. if someone gets naked in front of a camera, it's fair game.

    I'm not condoning the action or saying it's wrong, but I'm saying sometimes a person makes a choice that could have unintended consequences.
  17. Santa

    Santa Evangelist

  18. I like it everywhere, but it doesn't belong there!
  19. kisstine

    kisstine Zealot

    Clearly, the choice to have a relationship with the sort of a**hole who would abuse one's trust is a mistake every single time.
  20. Davedakid

    Davedakid New Member

    Don't listen to Kyle, he doesn't post anything useful to this forum or this application; he obviously to immature to realize what he is doing.
  21. sounds like someones ended up on the Internet before, that's the only reason I could see getting so angry over this.

    if that's the case I'm sorry I struck a nerve!

    and if you're just being uptight for uptight sake, relax bud.

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