Fake "SBSettings" app hits App Store....

Discussion in 'iPhone Apps and Games' started by fearofnormalcy, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. fearofnormalcy

    fearofnormalcy Evangelist

    This was posted by Big Boss over on Twitter...seems there's a phony alarm clock app now on the App Store called SBSettings.

    Jailbreakers have loved this tweak for years, but the real one is, and will ALWAYS be available on Cydia.

    The sad thing is the screen shots show the ACTUAL jailbreak tweak in action.

    Just wanted to give a heads up to our non-jailbroken members that may find this and think it does what it advertises.

    I expect it to be pulled quickly.
  2. I'm seriously starting to worry about how Apple vets apps.
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  4. fearofnormalcy

    fearofnormalcy Evangelist

    .....aaaaaaaand it's gone!

    I went to go take some screenshots of the offending app, but it's long gone.

    I did manage to find this screenshot from earlier today though:

  5. fury

    fury Evangelist

    41 ratings... that means at least 41 people were swindled out of $1.99.

    Hope they know how to ask Apple for a refund.
  6. fearofnormalcy

    fearofnormalcy Evangelist

    Actually, BigBoss' theory was that this started out as an actual alarm clock app, but the devs just changed the pics and description to cash in.

    It makes sense, as I seriously doubt Apple would let an app called "SBSettings (Cydia)" through it's approval process. Once your app is in the App Store however, you DON'T need approval to update the pics or description.
  7. Bennyboy

    Bennyboy Genius

    Where's these damn jailbreak for the iPhone5 btw
  8. liberated

    liberated Evangelist

    I'm so tempted to jump ship to the GSIII, I'm tired of waiting for a JB
  9. Ltzguy

    Ltzguy Zealot

    Well bye
  10. liberated

    liberated Evangelist

    Didn't leave yet bubba! Lol
  11. Bennyboy

    Bennyboy Genius

    But I don't blame you, it is a little tiresome to wait for a jailbreak every year just so we can have something like SBSettings. I love the iPhone and apple in general, but it's 2012, throw us a bone or something!
  12. iP5

    iP5 Evangelist

    The half full view would be, waiting gives you that mid-year refresh.

    You know, wait a bit, new iPhone, game changer, wait a bit, untethered jailbreak, fall in love again, wait a bit, new iPhone, awesomeness.

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  13. liberated

    liberated Evangelist

    I love my iPhone 5 but I'm tempted by the GS3. I'll probably buy a GS3 and one of those SIM adapters to alternate phones weekly. Anyone knows where to get the SIM adapters?
  14. liberated

    liberated Evangelist

    I'll be darn, I never saw it that way, that actually makes sense!
  15. Europa

    Europa Moderator

  16. liberated

    liberated Evangelist

  17. Ozzie5374

    Ozzie5374 Contributor

    I hear China's a good place. Better hurry though, plane leaves in 2 hours!
  18. liberated

    liberated Evangelist

    I'm confused by this post??

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