Few questions regarding my hacked phone

Jul 2, 2007
1st question.
is there any way i can rearrange the apps on my main menu, or whatever we call that lol. or could i delete some? the main ones that came with the phone that is.

2nd question
is actually not a question but a suggestion. i don't know if this would be possible, but has anyone thought of a way to make a program that makes it able to send a receive pictures in sms?


New Member
Jul 2, 2007

On question 1 - AppTap, Summerboard and sSBT are what you need

1> Load Apptap (goggle for source)
2> Install community sources using the installer program this places on you iPhone
3> Install Summerboard again using above program
4> Install rSBT again using above program
5> Run rSBT and drag applications in to order you need
6> Summerboard enables you to have more than 16 applications on your Springboard (main) screen

On question 2 - iShare, SendFile and SendPic might help (personally I don't use them but)

I not found a good native way yet although another program installer offers is supposed to do this (check iShare,SendFile and SendPic)