Finally!! A solution to restoring Cydia apps after a restore

Discussion in 'iPhone Jailbreak' started by cliffeman, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. cliffeman

    cliffeman Zealot

    AptBackup say's it will make a list of your installed apps. And puts it in a location under the iTunes backup. So when you sync on iTunes, the file is stored with the backup. So when you restore you phone, you just reinstall AptBackup and it will reinstall all apps back on to the phone.

    You can also set it up for phone and use it as a template for setting up others with one click.

    Although it will NOT, back up the actual app or its settings. Backup your springboard file placement. You cannot restore a backup "whenever". It's only for restoring after a fresh iTunes installation.
  2. thehotrod

    thehotrod Member

    I'm confused. You say "it will reinstall all apps back on the phone" then you say "although it will NOT backup the actual app or its settings." What is the difference? It sounds like you are saying it will and it won't???? I'm confused. I thought Appbackup backs up settings and files of individual programs so that when you restore your phone you won't loose your high scores, password files, etc.
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  4. cliffeman

    cliffeman Zealot

    it composes a list of your third party apps. And puts that list into the back up when you sync. So after you restore and jailbreak. You reinstall AptBackup, and it takes the list and redownloads all the apps from Cydia. It doesn't back up the actual app itself. I was a bit confused at first when I was reading it off the more info.
  5. thehotrod

    thehotrod Member

    Ah. So the purpose is just so you don't have to which applications you previously downloaded via Cydia. I don't have that many Cydia applications installed that I can't remember them all. I suppose it is helpful to have it download them for you...but it isn't that big of a deal for me.
  6. ZR_Yancy

    ZR_Yancy Genius

    So, it will download & install the apps back into the iPhone but it doesn't restore the settings or any info they may have previously had within the apps?
  7. cliffeman

    cliffeman Zealot

    exactly!! I'll be trying it out later on today.

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