Finally, Microsoft Users Will Be Happy


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Jul 28, 2007
comon I'm a windows user and happy with it and have been since 3.1 and dos... LOL awsome... But you gotta say microsoft makes some great products and just screws up the advertisement or the release timing.... You gotta say the zune is a hell of a piece of equipment... It failed because anyone who would have bought one already had an iPod... Very poor timing on microsofts part.... So this will most likely be a nasty phone that 3 people on earth own when it comes out....

BTW every os sucks


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Aug 6, 2007
Microsoft users can't be happy. It's genetic. Don't try to cheer them up.
Why did someone have to feed the trolls?

I'm flagging this before it gets out of hand.


With the lackluster product the Zune is, and the even more abismal launch of the Ultra Mobile PC (yes I bought one after getting suckered into those press release videos of the yuppies in their techno-trailer) and the abortion the SmartPhone has become (thank WindowsCE!) I just can't get as excited as I was about MS products.

Should I even mention Vista? Oy, I had to go back to XP!

If this were the Video Game industry I'd say that Apple is pulling a Nintendo right now, while Microsoft is pulling a Sony, and Nokia is off in 360 land.