Fine-tuning user-created iTunes Radio stations on iOS Devices


Dec 7, 2011
Miami, Florida
I was chatting earlier with @Ledsteplin , who informed me that an iTunes Radio entitled "Southern Rock" was previously available to him, but he can no longer see it. As a matter of fact, he informs me that he lost this iTunes Radio station since iOS 8.0+, not after today's iOS 8.4 update.

To get a similar radio station, I suggested he select a Southern Rock band, such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, and create a radio station based on the artist: i.e., "Lynyrd Skynyrd Radio." I advised him he would be hearing songs by that band and by other Southern Rock bands and songs in similar genders.

On iTunes on OS X, we can fine-tune a user-created radio station to play Hits, Variety, or Discovery, as described in the linked article. Based on the fact that @Ledsteplin would like something as close as possible to the "Southern Rock" radio station he used to have prior to iOS 8.0, I would figure the best option for him to fine-tune a Lynyrd Skynyrd Radio station would be "Hits."

This fine-tuning is extremely easy to accomplish on iTunes on OS X:

Fine-tuning user-created Radio Station in iTunes Radio.jpg (thumbnail; click to enlarge)

But… How would one fine-tune one's custom radio station in iTunes Radio on an iOS device? I can't seem to find these fine-tuning options on the iOS Music app when creating a new iTunes Radio station.

Any help in figuring out how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated. Even a URL that was recently working to add this radio station to iTunes Radio has stopped working, so the best bet for Ledstepin (and for anyone else wishing to have something as close as possible to this seemingly now-defunct "Southern Rock iTunes Radio station") would be to be able to fine-tune a Lynyrd Skynyrd Radio station or a Credence Clearwater Revival radio station to "Hits" (and not "Variety" or "Discovery").

Here's a screenshot of the Google result with URL that has recently gone dark:
Southern Rock as URL.png

Mr. @Ledsteplin has informed me that this link was working until just recently. Now, when visiting the link:

iTunes displays this error:


Thanks in advance for any help!