Fixing Lost Wi-Fi


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Sep 27, 2007

I lost my Wi-Fi signal. It just says "No Wi-Fi". What do I do?

"You probably restarted your iPhone after running iEraser. To restore Wi-Fi you could either restore in iTunes and start over again, or you could reflash the baseband from the Terminal. Reflashing the baseband is a much quicker method. You will need the file called "ICE03.14.08_G.fls" (ICE03.12.06_G.fls if you have 1.00 firmware). You can find this file in /usr/local/standalone/firmware/ in the ramdisk image. You can learn how to mount the ramdisk using my tutorial here. Then transfer this file to /usr/bin/. Now launch the Terminal that you installed on the iPhone earlier in this tutorial, and type the following commands:

cd /usr/bin/

bbupdater -f ICE03.14.08_G.fls

It will take a couple of minutes before it's done. When it finishes, restart your iPhone. The Wi-Fi will again work. Ensure you don't restart the iPhone after running iEraser. Thanks to "ziel" for telling me about this possibility. "

Has this worked for anyone? When I enter the 2nd command I get bbupdater is an unknown command.