FM Transmitters


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Aug 26, 2008
Hey everyone, just a quick question that i know will have long responses, CAn someone recommend a GOOD no GREAT FM transmitter for my ipod touch or something else that will let me listen to my ipod in my car (why my new car doesn't have an AUX plug idk. i keep getting cheap ones that you have to hold in the air to get a good signal. PLEASE somebody help me i just wanna enjoy my ipod again.


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Aug 27, 2008
the griffin itrip is what I have, all in one cable, so really simple to use. Great power too. Works for all iPods old or new. In big cities where radio stations are crowded, it still works very well.
Oct 10, 2008
Hey, that sounds like something I have been looking for so long. So I just plug that FM transmitter thing into my ipod and then I can switch on that channel on my radio or am I getting it wrong?


Oct 31, 2007
Don't they have ones where you can clamp onto the antenna input on the back of the head unit? Maybe inquire at a local auto sound shop. It wouldn't be a difficult or expensive install, and it would ensure the best reception possible from an FM transmitter.

Other than that, you could just get another head unit installed with an aux port. Depending on your car of course, you can probably get a comparable replacement with aux in for pretty cheap.


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Feb 5, 2009
Personally, I found one at the Mall in one of those kiosks that works great. Unfortunately I paid way too much for it but have been finding them online for great prices. You can use any FM station and it also charges your Touch at the same time. Holds onto the Touch very securely and also has a USB port so you can charge other electronics as well. If you have the iPhone it also comes with a plug so you can hear your phone call through the radio speakers. I have no issues even when trying to put it on a station with a strong signal. No interference. Here is a link to a place that has a pretty good price and it looks exactly like the one I have. I paid more than twice this price because I was impatient. Definitely worth the money and they have a short goose neck or a long one depending on where your data port or cig ligther is on your vehicle.


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Feb 14, 2009
transmiter FM

I have been using these in my cruiser for a long time now, both work really well (either in London or on the road)
I haventt seen em anywhere else apart from ebay, but I suppose they are out there
I found the one that goes into the cigarette light the best (but try and find a US seller rather than a HK one) and has the switches on the side, rather than on the top
the other just plugs into the earphone socket, pick your freqency on the transmitter, tune your radio and your off (it is battery powred,)
here are item numbers on ebay for them

220360041180 (HK seller,

110307758976 (US seller,

I know others say they are rubbish and don't work, but I have found these pretty good and I use em every day