For people who's computer isn't recognizing the iPhone


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Jun 20, 2007
For those of you that are having the same problem as me (if any), let's try to collaborate in this thread to possibly get it resolved.

I have Windows XP SP2, on a Dell diminsion E510. I downloaded iTunes the other day, and updated yesterday afternoon to the new 7.3 version. Upon getting the iPhone, I connected it to the USB port in the front and it said something like "new hardware present" and looked like it recognized the iPhone. Nothing ever came up in iTunes. I re-installed iTunes and still nothing.

Went to a family members house and activated it there. The whole process went smoothly and from the time I plugged the iPhone into the computer, to the time that it was activated and I received a text message was under 5 minutes. So in that regard, I feel bad for people who are waiting hours for the phone to activate. When I brought the phone home and plugged it in after being activated, it was reading as a digital camera and prompting me to open it with a program.

Now when I plug it in, it does nothing. I think it is charging, because I see the battery, but nothing appears in iTunes and nothing else comes up from windows.

So I'm thinking that I have shitty USB ports, that aren't working or aren't compatible with this device. I'm going this morning to get one of those PCI -USB adapters that you plug into the back of your computer and it gives you additional USB ports. I'm going to make sure that these are 2.0.

I will post results after trying this. If anyone has any other comments or suggestions, post them here.