For what it's worth on modding....

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New Member
Jul 3, 2007
I have to send my phone in for repairs, I posted in the general forum. I thought everyone should see Apple's email to me, at least the important part.

Here is what was sent to me by email, I just cut everything except the important part....

WARNING: Apple has discovered that some of the unauthorized unlocking programs available on the Internet may cause irreparable damage to the iPhone's software. As part of the service process, Apple will update the software on your iPhone to the latest version. IF YOU HAVE MODIFIED YOUR iPhone'S SOFTWARE, YOUR iPhone MAY BECOME PERMANENTLY INOPERABLE WHEN APPLE UPDATES THE SOFTWARE. Making unauthorized modifications to the software on your iPhone voilates the iPhone software license agreement, and the inability to use your iPhone due to unauthorized software modifications is not covered under your iPhone's warranty.

I suppose Mod at your own risk.....


May 10, 2007
Didn't everyone get this notice when they updated to 1.1.1 ?

Im pretty sure I already read that.