Found a way to play iPhone in my Car!!!

Discussion in 'iPhone Cases and Accessories' started by Redwin, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. Redwin

    Redwin New Member

    I don't know if this has been mentioned before or not. But the best way to play your iPhone in your car without any interference or anything is through the actual Dock the iPhone comes with. Use the "line out" audio input in the back and connect the audio cable in your car (If applicable)! What's also cool is when a call comes through!!! All of a sudden the music shuts off slowly.. and you can hear the phone ringing. Once your done with your call, the iPod feature comes back to the song again.... freaking awesome!! Anyway, hopefully this helps for those who have the Audio Input in their car. Oh and by the way... sound is crispy perfect, just like the ipod if not better!


  2. iPhone69

    iPhone69 New Member

    Yeah I've been listening to my music through my aux plug that came with my aftermarket stereo since I got it. The jack does fit enough to get sound out but not snug enough to move it around. just like the last post said the music fades and you can hear the pwrson on the other line through your speakers. Try it for yourself it might not work. But if it does it's pretty kewl.
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  4. JNGold

    JNGold New Member

    Nice but no charging in that case. We need Belkin to update their charger/dock connector.
  5. Redwin

    Redwin New Member

  6. theraker007

    theraker007 New Member

    yes you can hear the other person over your speakers but so can they and its teribly annoying. I do not recommend talking to smeone with the phone plugged because they hear eveything they say andit incredibly annoying
  7. Redwin

    Redwin New Member

    who said anything about talking to speakers, I talk from my Bluetooth headset.
  8. JNGold

    JNGold New Member

  9. tazcalvin

    tazcalvin New Member

    here i got slight problem!!!

    okay since my car is fairly old(98), my car doesnt have aux input plug. So before my iphone, i used fm transmitter to connect ipod to my car(of course, cassette player is broken) so when im using iphone with transmitter, everything is fine until i get the phone calls. because since att is using g network, i get the well known buzz sound. No matter what i do with iphone, i still get the buzz sound. Dont you guys have this problems?????
    Is there any ways to shut off that annoying buzz sound??
  10. Redwin

    Redwin New Member

    If you look closely at this picture, the Belkin and the XtremeMac has a USB cable hooked up separate that goes into the Car Charger... while you have the Aux cable into the Dock you can charge the iPhone at the same time. And it works for the iPhone, trust me... it's under the Apple Store/iPhone/Power.
  11. Redwin

    Redwin New Member

    Your best bet is to get an Auxilary input installed through your glove compartment. You can have that done at a Best Buy or any auto store. I don't think there will be an FM transimitter created for the iPhone due to the gsm network frequency. Another option is to get a new car radio with a CD Deck Faceplate, most of them now come with an Auxilary input. My brother has one and he's loving it... Just my 2 cents!!!
  12. aggieman

    aggieman Zealot

    I just shaved a tiny bit of the plastic off of the male end of my Belkin FM transmitter with a pocket knife so that it fits into the recessed jack. works like a charm and am using it on my boat and in my truck.
  13. bigmac

    bigmac Member

    Im stuck

    I dont have a an aux plug nor bluetooth... FM transmittor in a major city has terrible interference... any suggestions?
  14. Bakerman

    Bakerman New Member

    If you have a cassette deck you could try the tape adapter route.
  15. dvsflipaxion

    dvsflipaxion New Member

    The BEST way to play iphone in-car!

    First of all, you don't have to buy a new auxilary cord "made for iphone". If you have one already, and don't mind doing a little cutting here-and-there, you can actually take a knife and trim some plastic off the tip where it won't fit. It should then fit.

    Ok, so the BEST way to get rid of the buzzing noise when playing your iphone in your car is the stick it on airplane mode. This is going to turn off anything that emits a signal in your phone, so you won't be able to recieve any incoming calls or anything else like that, but you will be able to play your music clearly without interuption. I guess you shouldn't be on your phone while driving, anyways, so you can go ahead and take those calls when you're done driving, right?

    I always wondered what I'd use the airplane mode for, since I'm hardly ever on a plane; it's great to actually have a use for it.
  16. TurboSC

    TurboSC Guest

    Sounds pretty interesting. I've always wanted to get my iPod linked with my car cheaply. hehehe.
  17. vodkahat

    vodkahat New Member

  18. i robot

    i robot Member

    How about listening to music through your interferance and when a call comes in you can hear it and talk as usual
  19. Toxic Gecko

    Toxic Gecko Member

    Because in most states it is illegal to drive with headphones on. Check your local laws.
  20. i robot

    i robot Member

    yeah its illegal here also but here in Ireland we have 300,000 illegal drivers out of a total population of 4 million so a fragrant disregard for the law is built into our genes. Seriously I use a bluetooth earpiece personnally.

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