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Discussion in 'iPhone Apps and Games' started by icecreamman2, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. icecreamman2

    icecreamman2 New Member

    i use skype and i have credit on skype and i know that for a fact, but everytime i use fring on my iphone 3g it says call terminated... EVERY SINGLE TIME. i tried putting a 1 infront of the number that dosnt work either. sorry if there are to many threads on fring but i tried asking in every thread and no one answered me.
  2. Eragon

    Eragon Zealot

    I understand your frustration. I've installed Fring on my old iPhone and was able to set up that and my current device as Fring buddies. Fring works over WiFi perfectly.

    Skype-out seems to be another matter altogether. I've been through the user guide located at, and the best I can tell, it should work with a 1 in front of the area code. I've tried and still does not work.

    Now, I have set up a couple of contacts directly in Skype as SkypeOut contacts. Those contacts, once they appear on my buddy list, work. It is an extreme PITA to get those contacts to appear. I haven't found any pattern to getting contacts seamlessly added. I've unsubscribed from Skype and deleted the app entirely. A lot of work IMHO. Unnecessary work.
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  4. MiataLord

    MiataLord New Member

    Fring sucks period!!!!!!
  5. OJsakila

    OJsakila New Member

    sorry you guys are having trouble but as I've found, almost all the apps in the app store are either worthless feeble attempts at programing that couldn't hold a baby occupied for more than a minute or they just don't work period.
    Thanks apple. Here's to cracks
  6. Eragon

    Eragon Zealot

    I agree.

    I played around some more with Fring. I again went to one of my contacts that automatically comes over from the iPhone address book. I select the number to call (which is in the form of (xxx) yyy-zzzzz, get prompted to call using SkypeOut or Cell. I select SkypeOut. I then get a dialog box asking me if I want to call that number. I edit that number by putting my finger on the left parens just before the area code. I add a +1, and select call. The call goes through.
  7. carrera.owner

    carrera.owner New Member

    As I wrote elsewhere, in addition to adding "+" before the REQUIRED country code, if your logged into your Skype account via your computer and you try to Skype via your iPhone, the call will terminate as well.
  8. Eragon

    Eragon Zealot

    Good point. I wonder if Fring is advanced enough to warrant a Skype tutorial that can be stickied. I'd appreciate it. :)
  9. sim

    sim New Member

    Make sure also that you are not logged onto Skype on two you computer and your phone. After shutting down Skype on my Macbook I was able to get a Skypeout call to work on my phone. +1 in front of the areacode.

  10. danhill

    danhill New Member

    I agree that Fring sucks!! So far it has been totally worthless.

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