From zero to a hundred


Jul 14, 2009
I went from zero to a hundred, real quick!

What do I mean?

I've been a BlackBerry user for years. Albeit, over the last 8 years or so, I've tried various iPhone models here and there, but BlackBerry has always been the focal point. I was waiting for the Passport, and well, I got tired of lack of 'core' apps, and the likes of AT&T releasing it in the US.
To me, in time this will be a growing trend with BlackBerry\U.S. Carriers.

I always felt that Apple would make a killing if they made a larger iPhone. And, here we are, the i6, and the i6 Plus. Even with that, I refused to stand in line this year :)

On 23rd Oct, I switched to an iPhone 6, and then yesterday an iPhone 6 Plus. More details here:

But, all that to say, I've gone from zero to a hundred, real quick, and now I have all my BlackBerry's for sale on CrackBerry, here:
WTS: AT&T BlackBerry Z10 - BlackBerry Forums at
WTS: BlackBerry Z30 STA100 -5 - BlackBerry Forums at
WTS: AT&T BlackBerry Q10 - BlackBerry Forums at

Go big, or go home I say. Now to rejoin the Apple ecosystem and restart buying music and films, etc.


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Sep 19, 2012
Always knew you would return my friend....

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