Frustrated with photo orientation - Adobe Photoshop Elements 5


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Sep 10, 2007
Hi - was wondering if anyone else is struggling with proper photo orientation on the iPhone after syncing using Adobe Photoshop Elements.

All of my photos appear fine in photoshop, but the raw JPG images clearly aren't being rotated (if i look at them in explorer for example, they are all portrait). I've looked around for options in Photoshop to correct this, but nothing I've tried appears to work properly.

In the "Camera Data (Exif) Metadata" options in photoshop I can see "Orientation: Normal" or "Orientation: -90 Degrees" as is appropriate but this doesn't seem to be getting transferred properly.

Under Preferences->Files I did find an option for "Rotate JPEGs using Orientation Metadata" which i selected but it doesn't appear to have fixed anything - maybe that won't happen on anything already existing but will work for new photo imports.

Is anyone else having this problem or have it solved?



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Aug 19, 2007
aye Bay~Bay~
i get the same problem just dragging the photos from its "imagine device" drive. the photos are all turned 90* to the left from where its supposed to be, and when i use windows image viewer to turn it 90* to the right, some how it just doesn't work correctly.