fugu and customize help


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Sep 12, 2007
Wyandotte Mi
alright i have 2 problems, and i hope some of you can help. i just hacked my iPhone after a long time of having 1.1.2. i am now back to 1.1.1 and everything is working fine but fugu and one aspect of customize.

ill start with customize. i downloaded a sound pack and cant for the life of me get it to work. everything seems fine up until i click the sound to change. i click on sms sound and it just brings up my springboard, minus the icons. now i cant scroll or anything or click anything else. i actually have to hit the home button to get back to something that works. i went through all the other sound options and this only happens with the sms choice. anyone else running into this problem? anyone fix this problem?

onto fugu troubles. back when i had 1.0.2 fugu worked fine and i added and removed things no problem...thats not the case anymore. i hook up my iPhone, i open fugu and try and access the phone...to no avail. i add the ip, i change the name to root and change the port to 22, ive tryed leave the port black as well. i keep getting the error message that says "warning: remote host identification has changed!" what the hell does that mean! it wont let me into any files. and yes ive downloaded open ssh lol