Full-year view in Calendar?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by eye-Fone, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. eye-Fone

    eye-Fone Zealot

    I've looked and there doesn't seem to be a way to display a full-year view in the calendar app. I would like to see the 12 months displayed just as months with numbers, not existing appointments, etc. It's just for reference.

    Am I missing something or is there absolutely no way to do this?
  2. iksn

    iksn Member

    I'm not 100% positive, but I sure don't see a way to do that, or a reason.
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  4. cjruss

    cjruss Member

    Try the app store for a free app called saisuke free :)
  5. Picazzo

    Picazzo Zealot

    On the iPhone's "little" display, it would be hard the see all 12 months with days. Why do you need this overview? (Just curious)
  6. eye-Fone

    eye-Fone Zealot


    No problem.

    It's a great way to view the year and to glance at multiple months simultaneously, when kicking around ideas for vacations or event planning.

    Here's what it looks like in Windows Mobile:

  7. eye-Fone

    eye-Fone Zealot

    Thanks. However, I don't see the mention of a year-view anywhere in its description. If you have this app, does it actually show a year-at-a-glance?
  8. Picazzo

    Picazzo Zealot

    Arh, okay - in that way. I remember this from my old Dell PDA! :)
  9. cjruss

    cjruss Member

    Did you read the second paragraph where it states daily, weekly or yearly views?

  10. jclake

    jclake New Member

    On iTunes search for QuickCal. For $.99 I think this will produce the calendar view you are seeking.
  11. eye-Fone

    eye-Fone Zealot

    Doh!! I stand corrected! <sheepish grin>

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