Fully charged indicator?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by cdf619, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. cdf619

    cdf619 New Member

    Will the iPhone say fully charged when it completes it's charge like the ipod. iPhone has been charging for 8 and a half hours and still does not say fully charged. Thanks......
  2. MoJoe

    MoJoe Member

    I also had wondered this, but read around and it seems like when your battery is fully charged you will see a little "plug" icon flashing in the battery in the top right. When it is charging you will see just the "lightning bolt".

    I also have read that disabling your "wi-fi" and "bluetooth" when charging will get you to the full charge quicker.

    hope that helps some,
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  4. dirkslyder

    dirkslyder Member

    my phone was 20% yesterday and I charged it for like 4 hours and it became fully charged. I used the dock first and than switched over to plug. Don't know if I ruined my battery life.
  5. DMcGrew

    DMcGrew New Member

    I've never seen this plug icon you guys are talking about.. although my green bar is 100%. Anyone have a pic of it?
  6. MBHockey

    MBHockey New Member

    It's in the VERY top right corner of the LCD (when held in Portrait mode, ie, not widescreen)...it's always there. It's the picture of the battery. When that picture has a lightning bolt in the middle, it's charging, and when it has a picture of a plug in the middle, it's fully charged.
  7. iJohn

    iJohn New Member


    This is only when it is connected to a power source, either the USB Power supply or a computer that is on. You having a green bar indicates that the iPhone is using the battery because it is not connected to anything.

    If you connect it to something to charge it, you will see either a lightning bolt and when it is done, a sideways plug within the battery symbol.
  8. MomPOM

    MomPOM New Member

    I've never seen it either. I turned off my Wifi and bluetooth, plugged it into the outlet and let it charge for the night. Got up this morning, unplugged it and there was no lightning bolt, a full bar but no other icons in the battery.
  9. robhon

    robhon New Member

    The large battery icon, the green one in the center when you wake your iPhone, does not have an indicator saying it's fully charged.

    If your iPhone is plugged up and fully charged AND awake, look at the small icon in the top right. Instead of a lightning bolt it will show an electric plug.

    The other way to know if your phone has been fully charged is to go to the settings, hit usage and there will be some indicators. If you've just fully charged it will start displaying usage data. If you've never fully charged below the usage data numbers it will say, "This device has never been fully charged." If you've fully charged, started the usage numbers and then partially recharged, it will say, "iPhone has been plugged in since the last full charge."
  10. DMcGrew

    DMcGrew New Member

    Ahhh ok.. so when I disconnect it the plug goes away? Maybe thats why I never saw it.. just never noticed it before I unplugged it.
  11. gurvy

    gurvy New Member

    does anyone know if we need to wait for the battery to be as close to being fully discharged and then charging it like some other phones? I am at about 40% (my guesstimate) and want to know if someone has the answer to this.

    BTW, love this thing!
  12. wjp09

    wjp09 Zealot

    it just has a full green bar
  13. LESLIEx317537

    LESLIEx317537 New Member

    I'm the one who had success with disabling the wifi and bt to get it to fully charge,

    The icon in the top right corner will have a plug icon and not a lightning bolt.

    Also in the Settings -> Usage you will see the time since last full charge.

    But I think there are a few batteries like ours that may be defective.
    Lithium Polymers which I think it has normally don't need to be cycled to be fully charge, they don't retain a memory like Ni-Cad. But they do increase their capacity and voltage after a few cycles if they have been sitting for a while.
    What damages Lithium batts is over drawing amps from them, which the iPhone will not do and also running Lithiums really low to a point where they have very little charge and drop below a certain voltage is when they get damaged.

    I'm going to let mine run down to when it says low battery and charge it on the wall jack to see if I can get it to Fully Charge with Wifi and BT on. If not after a week or so I'll stop into the Apple store. By then they should have more idea and less people waiting in line.
  14. Iceblinkluck

    Iceblinkluck New Member

    Is there any way to see percent charged? I am posting from my iPhone yay
  15. LESLIEx317537

    LESLIEx317537 New Member

    No, the best way to see how much is charged is to plug it in. They need to update this thing....
  16. daveh98

    daveh98 New Member

    well I have bt and wi-fi off and I don't see the plug sign at the battery, I only see the bolt. I am starting to wonder if I have a defective battery or something:/
  17. brinox

    brinox New Member

    how long has it been charging? i had to let mine sit for about an hour at nearly a full charge for it to change to a plug icon
  18. daveh98

    daveh98 New Member

    yup I did too. I just noticed it. I think everyone's batteries should be fine. I just started paying attention because on another forum someone stated that they never saw the green battery icon charge "to the tip" and I never thought anything of it. I just assumed it was because the "energy" of a battery is contained in the body of the battery..not the tip of it; which is probably why Apple made the icon just as it is.
  19. SO, I've been unable to get my iPhone to indicate that it has been fully charged. Plugged it in for over 10 hours (more than once), while it remains plugged in, there appears no "plug" in any battery icons. And I can see that the big battery icon is just shy of being completely full of greenness. No usage stats either (merely reads "will display usage stats once fully charged").

    I've reset the phone, even restored software and entered as a new phone. Still, no full charge. Any help?!?!
  20. dirkslyder

    dirkslyder Member

    that weird my full charges in 4-5 hours
  21. ebrunn

    ebrunn Member

    Mine still does not have numbers in the usage space. I will let it go intill the next software update, but if it dosent get fixed I will bring my phone in to the Apple Store

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