Fun, educational apps for 2 year olds


Jun 10, 2006
Long Island, NY
I've been buying all sorts of apps for my daughter. My focus is primarily on learning apps. Letters, shapes and numbers. She's had a blast with some of the 'games' and I use that word lightly. The Toca Boca games seem to be a hit with her, although the recent freebie Toca House doesn't seem as good as the others.

The best has to be Endless Alphabet. It's such a nice mix of shapes and letters. Plus, it's fun. She selects a word, which is followed by an animation of animals running across the screen displacing the letters. Her task is to drag the shape to the appropriate letter. When she does, the letter will wiggle and make the sounds of the letter. When she places it correctly, the game says the letter. When she's finished, the completed word is said, followed by a short, fun animation sequence and description. The whole exercise should help with letters, sounds, shapes and words. I get a kick out of watching her.

The same company makes BeBop Blox, also a good game for matching shapes. The Curious George app can get difficult, but I guess that means it'll have a longer shelf life. She's a big fan of George, so it's a hit.

Also of note is Mrs. Potato. It's a digital take on the classic. She can select any type of outfit and then it's exactly what you'd expect. Once you're done, there is a play area of sorts.

There are a number of others, but these are real popular right now at our house, in addition to Netflix.

Anyone have any others they'd like to recommend?